Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register?
You can register on clicking on the Register Button on the upper right corner of the board or by clicking on this link:
I forgot my password! How can I reset my password?
Go to the login page by clicking on the Login Button in the upper right corner of the board or follow this link: Below the password field, there's a text saying "I forgot my password" - Click on that and follow the instructions there!
How do I post?
Click on a thread either from the index page or from a sub-forum and scroll down. You'll see a text area in which you can type in your message. Click on "Submit" and your post will be live!
How can I create a thread?
Click on a sub-forum on the index page. After that you'll see a "New Topic" button above the existing thread list on the upper left. Enter a title, write your post and click on "Submit"!


What are forum points?
Forum points are our community's currency - You get it by posting, creating new threads and logging in daily! Points are also frequently given as event rewards. You can buy different items with forum points in the shop over here:
How do I get points?
You can get points through the following ways: 1. Logging in daily - 15 points 2. Creating a post - 15 points 3. Creating a new topic - 20 points There also some other ways to get points including the Community Label or as event rewards, here's a complete list:
Can I send my own points to another user?
Yes you can! Contact an administrator and we will do the transaction for you!

Community Label

How do I join the Community Label?
You can join the Community Label by submitting your first track. Here is the guide on how to submit: Your track will then get added to the review row and we will decide if we upload it or not. In either case you will get notified.
How do I submit a track?
Follow this guide on how to submit tracks: Your track will then get added to the review row and we will decide if we upload it or not. In either case you will get notified.
How many tracks can I submit?
There are no limits as to how many tracks you can submit. However note that if you submit more than 10 at once, it might take longer than seven days for all to get reviewed.


What is a Chapter Member and how do I become one?
A chapter member is a member that has contributed towards this community through a certain amount of posts. By the moment you reach ~30 posts you will get promoted to chapter member and get a green name on the forums!
What is a Beta Tester and how do I become one?
A Beta Tester has early access to new features introduced to test them out before they go live. In order to get the Beta Tester rank you have to be a Chapter Member and you have to buy the rank from the points shop:
How do I join the staff team?
To join the staff team you have to be either a Chapter Member or a Beta Tester. If you have one of those ranks you can either apply to join by letting an administrator know you're interested. An administrator may also proceed to ask you if you want to join. Either way if you are interested in joining, administrators will then decide if that's possible. After successfully joining, you will become a Trial Moderator.
What's the difference between a Trial Moderator and a Moderator?
When you first join the staff team, you get the Trial Moderator rank. During your first days or weeks you will have to be active and you will eventually be promoted to full moderator (The "Moderator" rank).
Can a Moderator become an Administrator?
Yes, it is possible. The moderator however must have proven that they are really interested in helping out the community with great amounts of contributions. The moderator will also have to have had the expert field of Lead Moderator for some time to know what administrators do and to be properly prepared.