Dev Log

Last exam -- 18. April

Hey all,

the last exam week is halfway through. I've got one exam left on friday, which is going to be a rather difficult one. Because of all the learning I didn't upload anything, apart from the one video on April 14th, about number input fields in HTML. After Friday I am going to be a lot more active and will finish the HTML forms series.
Here's a link to the latest video on number input fields in HTML:

Other than that, that's that.

Back again -- 14. April

Hey all,

It's been a hilariously busy week, writing 3 exams and a bunch of reading. So now that things got sorted out I can do some work on the next tutorials. My to-do list includes finishing the HTML forms series, things like password, number fields and color boxes. Other than that I plan on returning to JavaScript for a while. (And CSS flexbox and grid will need to be done sometime soon as well)
The two latest tutorials (radio buttons and checkboxes) have been added on the website as link images in the tutorials section and frontpage.
Other than that, that's that :)

It's been a while -- 7. April

Hey all,

it's been a while since my last update. I had a lot of things to do, exams in school in February, a trip to Greece in March for my school's practical training and things are still quite busy since I have to write a report on the later and I still have some exams in April, including a maths, which is one of my advanced courses.
But I will try to be more active from now on. I will work on some tutorials on the HTML forms series and I will start publishing them by the week's end. I will not be able to record them any sooner because of my exams and the heavy schedule.
After the HTML forms series is finished I plan on working on some CSS Flexbox & Grid tutorials. An updated version of this site will be up by next week.
Until then, see you around!

New 3.0 layout is now up! -- 29. January

Hey all,

today I finished this new webpage layout! Now I know it hasn't been a while since the 2.0 design but there were several important changes that I needed to get done.
First of all, it was the mobile-friendliness. This new layout does still have some work so that it's ultra fancy on every device and screen resolution but it's a huge step forward. The previous design had images overlapping with each other, images getting messed up on smaller screens and text over text and images and such. This new design will at least prevent all this from happening (if you spot something likes this here make sure to send me a mail!).
Then, it's just cleaner. Though it does miss a lot of stuff that I wanted to have here, the styling is overall way easier because the code (and the interface) is way cleaner. The old messed up piece of HTML is now gone and I can build the remaining features step by step.
Now there are still some things to do like adding links to the tutorial images on the front page and tutorials page and some some social media buttons, but I will work on this during the week. By the end of the week I hope I'll be finished with the transition into this new design, add all of the features and go on with some more web dev tutorials.
Until then, see you around!

More JS videos -- 13. January

Hey all,

starting with the new year, I began working on some more JS tutorials, which I uploaded the past few days.
The first one was about JS operators, the second one about Booleans the the JS boolean() function and the third one was about generating random numbers in JS using Math.random().
I am going to continue in the next two months to come making videos about JavaScript videos and soon some more advanced content!
Until then, see you around :D

Happy New Year -- 1. January

Hey all,

haven't heard from me for a while. Hello! So first of all, happy new year to you. I haven't done much in the last few days except preparing some new JS tutorials (no new uploads though), and that is mainly because of my exams period starting in November and then through mid-December. I am now in my holidays break, the first week is already done with but now I have some time to sit down and do some planning and reflect of what I've been doing for the past few years.

The past year was really a mess. I migrated over to HTML5 from AS3 and brought out a new game to test things in HTML5. It didn't really do that well but that's okay :P I am now learning JS, trying to work everything out that I did with flash in the past few years. I am enjoying programming in JS more than flash, I don't really know what exactly draws me to JS that I didn't like in flash but yeah...Yeah.

In addition to that I decided that after learning programming after some years I would like to make it easier for others to follow this path and that it is surprisingly difficult to find help on some topics. And so I started a YouTube channel trying to share the one or two things I know. This is what I want to do in 2018. While working on further JS learning and working with some libraries, I would like to document my learnings by doing videos and sharing my knowledge with others who might face a hard time searching for such help.

This is a new direction for me, shifting over from game development to web development and helping others achieve the one or another thing. But it is fun and I hope I will stay at it.

So, what can you expect for this year? First of all, frequent dev logs here. I will post a dev log at least once a week along with a topic in the form of a video. So at least one upload per week. Although I do believe it'll be more than that. I am very motivated right now but I really don't know if I'll perserve the motivation to do more than that. Also the code for my future tutorials will be able to find and download from here, along with some comments to help explain what I am doing.

So again, happy new year, best of luck to all of you and see you around.

New Layout -- 19. November

Hey all,

as you can see the website has a fully brand new design! This is the new v2.0 design and while there is still some work to do most of it is now completed. The main page will display the latest uploads, you can click on the videos to get directed at the youtube page. Support links have been added in the bottom of the website on the start page. Other than that there is the games tab with all the links to the kongregate versions of the games and the tutorials page displays my youtube tutorials on coding.

Now that the most work on the homepage is finished I can again focus a bit more on youtube and on further tutorials! If you have any feedback,questions or comments, then make sure to send me a message! (Contact information under Contact me on the start page)

And other than that that's that!

Finishing Touches -- 4. October

Hey all,
today I've been working on finishing Cube-y Worlds. I'll be finished by tomorrow morning. The game will be released on October the 8th. It will be released 21:00 Central European time (or UTC + 01:00). The round-ups will still be done like last week. Here are last week's round-ups.

Kong round-up:

NG round-up:

And yeah that's it. See you then!

2 Weeks left -- 23. September

Hey all,
it's been a while since my last vlog. Tons of exams and stuff. But I am hapy to share with you today the release date of Cube-y Worlds, it's 8.10. It will be released on Kong, NG and here. I uploaded a video showing its current state of development on YT, so make sure to check it out.

And yeah other than that, that's that :D

Cube-y Worlds! -- 31. August

Hey all,
It's been some time since my last update. I've been working on Cube-y worlds and I will soon upload a video showing you a bit of the game and its current state of development! Make sure to check it out soon. Other than that, small adjustments on the site here and there. My focus is now on finishing Cube-y worlds, releasing it and then I will start off with some more activity on YouTube.
Other than that, that's that :)

Changes -- 19. August

Hey all,
As you can see there have been some changes here. The favicon and the home button are now a lot more fancy. These are the first changes that'll take place. I will add some more art around here and make this place a bit more interesting. Right now, I go on with the development of Cube-y Worlds. (I will soon publish some more info on the project.)
Other than that I am working on some more YouTube projects.
And yeah, that's that :)

Youtube and videos -- 14. August

Hey all,
So past week I made two videos, one was about the gameplay of cube-y escape 2 and the other was about setting up a viewport and making your webpage mobile-friendly. Feel free to check them out at:

Gameplay video:
Mobile-friendly webpage:

And other than that, working on Cube-y Worlds and progressing with with my Javascript adventure. From now on I decided to release about 2 videos each week, be it vlogs, devlogs, programming tutorials, game/web development or just general programming and game relevant videos.
And other than that, that's that :)

Javascript-ing -- 7. August

Hey all,
So, today I've been working on Cube-y Worlds, I finished the main menu and the instructions window and started working on the actual mechanics. It was reaaally weird the way I got the random spawning of squares working and not really pretty. I do however have kind of a problem right now and can't get the squares falling down yet. So yeah, here I am, fighting with Javascript, trying to get it to work. Oh, I've also uploaded a video showing the gameplay of Cube-y Escape 2.

And other than that, that's that.

Layout, YouTube and Cube-y Worlds -- 6. August

Hey all,
First things first, I worked a bit on my homepage overnight and uploaded the new layout/design about an hour ago. The borders from the navigation bar are now gone, some colours are different and the side menu on the index and games page is a bit smaller. I've been working on the code of the homepage to make every page mobile-friendly. The Dev log has completed this transition but the rest is not fully responsive yet. That's the first thing.
Then, there's YouTube. I will continue making videos but the tutorials will be about specific things like navigation bars, how to add images and customize them and that sort of things.
YouTube link:
And third, there is a new game I'm working on, I mentioned it on my last dev log. The name of the project is Cube-y Worlds. It is like the Cube-y Escape 2 game but instead of score there are levels that the player needs to pass to complete the game. Each level has its own theme, ex. grassland, sea, volcano etc. It is a simple mini-game to make and it will help me learn Javascript, as this is my first project in HTML5.
That's it for now, until then!

Updates and stuff -- 5. August

Hey all,
I am back from holidays since a week or two and I decided to plan out what I am going to do next. There is much work left to do, finishing the website and finishing some other game projects I've been working on the past few months.
For now I shall be posting frequent updates on my progress on the dev log of my homepage and on facebook/newgrounds etc. I will be posting about the different updates and stuff I am working on.
As a first thing I shall work a bit on the dev log page, make it look fancy and finish the homepage step by step.
As for game dev I have started learning and working with JavaScript as I have decided to move on from AS3/Flash. I am currently working on a Cube-y Escape themed game but with different worlds as levels instead of a score. In HTML5. I will be working on such small projects until I have a basic understanding of how things work in Javascript, I've been having some trouble with that lately. But yeah that's it. I will upload the game on Newgrounds/Kongregate when it's finished. And that's it for now, see you!