SW for Devs - Uploading A Game
To upload a game go to SW for Devs and select the "Upload New Game" tab on the left.

The Fields explained

Game Name - The name of your game (also to be found in the future game page URL)

Dev Name - This is your username and can not be changed. If for some reason you need to change this, file a ticket for a username change.

Description - A description of what your game is about goes here

Instructions - Let your players know how to play the game

Category - Your game's genre. If none matches, go with "Other"

Width and Height - Here you have to enter the width and height of your game. These are important for your game page's iframe containing the game.

Game File - Your game's file. There are two important things to know here.
I. Your file must not exceed 15MB and
II. If you're uploading a HTML5 game, the index.html of your game must be in the root of your .zip file, not within any folders - otherwise you'll get an error on your game's page.

Image/Thumbnail - An image of your game

After you've filled them all out, make sure to check the 2 boxes below and then hit "Upload Game"! It may take a while to get redirected to the game's page depending how big your game's file is.