How does revenue work?
On the SW Games Portal developers get a 90% revenue share. Let us take a closer look at how this works. This article will have a short answer and a longer one, for those who seek more details.

Short Answer
1. Publish your game
2. Get views
3. Get paid once you reach the threshold

Long/Detailed Answer

Games that do not violate our guidelines are subject to a 90% ad revenue share. Developers can see how much revenue their individual games have generated, along with their total revenue in the SW for Devs app. The remaining 10% of the ad revenue go towards the Treasury to be used on potential software upgrades, storage space, maintenance costs and more.

As your games get played, your revenue will gradually increase. Sometimes we will perform manual checks on views to take out fake views/bot-generated ones - so if you see a fall on views/revenue, we took out the fake ones, that's a standard procedure and there's nothing to worry about.

The magic happens when you reach your account payment threshold of $5. Chapter members have an even lower threshold of $4. Once that happens, your account enters a 3-weeks-verification period, during we will take out all the fake views and deduct them from the estimated revenue. In case our ad providers haven't paid us yet, your will be paid from revenue generated from non-game pages. In the unlikely event that they haven't paid yet either, your payment will be put on a temporary hold.