Copyright - Flag, Claim and Infringement

Our indie community is committed to provide fair guidelines and rules regarding copyright, protection of developers' work in a fair and transparent way.

If you suspect that a user has uploaded stolen content on our platform or in fact, a user has uploaded your work without appropriate permission, there are 3 basic tools that are available to you. These three tools include: Flagging the content, filing a claim or request a takedown in filing for copyright infringement.

The three options will be explained more thoroughly on this page.


This is by far the easiest way to report copyright violations if you are NOT the original creator of the work uploaded. If you are convinced that the user who has uploaded the content does not have appropriate permission from the artist to upload their work or has published derivative work without a legitimate permission or license from the original creator, you can report them on the game's page. Abuse of this feature will result in a warning or ban according to our Copyright Office Act. Statute Book for further reading:

Want to flag a game? Use this form:


If you ARE the original artist of the work being uploaded without appropriate permission on the Portal, then this is your easiest option to get the issue resolved. On the game's page, you can file a claim of the work that was uploaded without appropriate license, provide evidence that you are the original creator and the Copyright Office will investigate into the matter and get back to you very soon. Abuse of this feature will results in either a warn or a ban according to the Copyright Office Act. The process is described in our Copyright Office Act, which can be found here for further reading:

Want to file a claim? Use this form:

Copyright Infringement

This third option is generally not recommended, as it requires more steps to complete and can backfire in case your copyright infringement claim is found to be invalid or contain false information or allegations. Instead we would highly advise you to use our built-in Claims feature described in the paragraph above. If you nevertheless decide to take this path, here's how to go about it.

Under Article 14 of the European Parliament and Council's Electronic Commerce Directive we are committed to the takedown of illegally uploaded information upon receiving notice of it.

To file copyright infringement you will have to send us a written letter at the address below. It shall contain the following:

- Provide us with the electronic address/URL of the work that has infringed upon your copyright.
- Identify the parts within the work that are infringing upon your copyright.
- Provide sufficient information for us to contact you back upon receiving and processing the filing.
- Include the following sentence: "I verify, under penalty of perjury that the information provided in this letter is accurate, true and correct."

The letter must then be signed by you and sent to the following address:

Alexandros Karapanagiotis
Feldstra├če 1
35080 Bad Endbach-Bottenhorn