Tactical Weapon Pack 2



Put your shooting skills to the test! 8 ranked game modes to play and over 100 realistic weapons and attachments to customize! RANKED MODE: Play 1 of 8 fast-paced challenging game modes and submit your score to compete in the worldwide leaderboards! Unlock new weapons and attachments as you earn XP and money in game. Create your own classes and customize each weapon with dozens of attachments and modifications. Upgrade your skills to improve your high score. FIRING RANGE: Test any weapon of your choice in the firing range. Practice your aim and create new targets! All assets in this game are free to use! Find them at www.xwilkinx.com.


CONTROLS: Mouse - aim/fire weapon R - reload Q or number keys - switch weapon F - use barrel attachment Space - create target (firing range only) Esc - pause menu Controls can be changed in the settings menu.


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