Melted: RTS

Made by DJGhostViper


Set in a life-sized environment, the player must collect resources scattered around the map and use them to build an army of miniature troops and buildings in order to overpower the enemy.


*How To Play / Game Information* Build dump trucks from a HQ to start collecting resources that are found around the map Build a resource depot to allow dump trucks to deposit their collected resources. Once a resource is depleted dump trucks must be manually assigned to the next resource. (I'm working on allowing them to automatically switch resources once the resource is depleted) Build attacking units from a barracks or garage *How To Win* Defeat all enemy units scattered around the map to win (Once all enemy units are defeated a menu will pop up redirecting you to the main menu) *General Controls* Tab - Pause menu / Quit game to main menu While placing a building + R - Rotate building While placing a building + RightMouseButton - Cancel building placement While building is selected + LeftMouseButton (Over ground) - Place rally flag While building a unit + RightMouseButton (Over unit button) - Cancel unit from building *Camera Movement* WASD Keys - Move camera around map Shift + WASD Keys - Increase movement speed of camera as it moves across the map *Unit Selection* LeftMouseButton - Select one troop (Over troop) / Issue move command to selected units (Over ground / If there is space for the unit to move to) LeftMouseButton + Drag Mouse - Show multiple units health / (Let go of mouse to select units) Shift + LeftMouseButton - Select or Deselect specific unit *Squads* Shift + Control + Number Key (1-9 Only) - Assign selected units to that Number Key Number Key (1-9) - Select squad assigned to that number key (If there is one)


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