Farm Life idle

Farm life idle - economic farm simulator! - Become the richest farmer! And for this, buy farm animals, and sell products: milk, wool, etc. - Economic simulator! The basis of the game is to buy for cheap, and sell for expensive! - Realistic prices and hardcore! Animals stand in the real world! But this is not all, since animals need to be fed! So in the summer you need to stock up on supplies of hay and grain. -Seasons! An additional complication is the seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn). Something is profitable to sell / buy in the summer, and something in the winter.

Plays: 11

True or False quiz

True or False is a game where you have to show your knowledge and guess if the written fact is true or false. The game presents both just interesting facts, and also all sorts of misconceptions, many of which are spread on the Internet. All questions are verified using scientific literature and articles, and not just taken from thematic sites. So after your reply. you can find out the reason why this fact is considered true or false.

Plays: 4


Fly Cats is a fun game for two that you can play on your PC or phone. The goal of the game is to hold out longer than the enemy, while avoiding objects that are flying at you.

Plays: 4

Resolute Survival

By picking up items, you make a fire and build a forge to make picks and axes and cook berries, every day there are fewer of them.

Plays: 25


Destroy evil aliens with machine guns. Buy a machine gun for one point of money.

Plays: 28


Use warriors and upgrade to level 10 and attack waves of enemies, one of the waves will be the last

Plays: 20

Age of Dark

This is a real time strategy game. You can choose the difficulty, which gives more initial resources to the AI player. There are only cavalry and workers at our disposal to this day.

Plays: 156

How to GSOM

ENG: Brain-bearing adventures of a fluffy cat emitting a rainbow stream, for the victory of communism, his roundhouse kick! RU: Мозго-выносящие приключения пушистого кота излучающего радужный поток, для победы коммунизма, его удар с разворота! China: 一只毛茸茸的猫发出彩虹般的彩虹般的脑力冒险,为了共产主义的胜利,他的回旋踢!

Plays: 43

Decaying West

Eng: A police officer volunteered for a dangerous mission to stop the drug mafia.

Plays: 49

Fill The Glass

Use your logic to fill the glass.

Plays: 12

Billiard Table in Space

ENG: You can play billiards both without rules and according to the rules and you can shoot the cue ball in its dynamics, which is forbidden in real life. There are 14 levels in total according to an incomplete pyramid of balls, where level 14 is a complete pyramid.

Plays: 46

Ball Breakout

ENG: The hydro balls heat up from a super-duper hot lava pan and dissolve the sugar cubes. Hold down the left mouse - warm up, hold down the right mouse - turn on super magnetism.

Plays: 70

Frag Me-ow

A drag and drop game

Plays: 7

Crossbows Vs Zombies Episode 2

Eng. Hire or upgrade or fire crossbowmen. There are QWASZX hotkeys. We play with the mouse. Rob a horde of zombies.

Plays: 94

Drowning Light

Bullet hell made for DevAtlas Jam 2. Polished and published here.

Plays: 12

The Eggsecutioner

If you don't like eggs, this is the game for you!

Plays: 11


-----just a Fan Game is not endorsed by nintendo----- join this game and survive the Marian attacks. Control Move, Jump use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move or the W, A, D keys Key C Special, Contains 3 different Specials Run or fly overhead, Quickly press back or forward arrow or A, D Z Key Attack Keep pressing the Z Key for super attack Pause game Enter key the game has support for GamePad, you can play with PS2USB, Will, Xbox controller etc ... Full Screen Q, E Keys #fangame #adventure #action #platformer #survival #shooter

Plays: 27

Santa Claus Adventure ll

Embark on this adventure with the objective of recovering the Christmas gifts lost around the world, along the way you will find several challenges.

Plays: 5


a suoerb game with meteor

Plays: 8

Bill X Drones

face the drones and go home

Plays: 84


Untangle the knot! Randomized levels with three preset difficulties. Set the game to your own standards and try a custom ruleset!

Plays: 14

Orbit Escape

Collect as many stars as you can in 60 seconds

Plays: 15

it has the butler

You are the butler and you are the murderer. the police inspector was invited to dinner at 10 pm. you have an hour to hide the body and the murder weapon, leave the room without suspicion. use the mouse for this - one click, two clicks and drag as you go. remember the inspector is a friend of the boss, very observant, he is always armed and loves to kill butlers. Good luck.

Plays: 339

star trek

a fun and fast game - you need to collect stars and set the path to achieve what you want ...

Plays: 56

the gift

save helena-game inspired by mythology, retro style trojan horse

Plays: 114

Crossbows vs Zombies Three

Ru: Друзья снова воюют с ордой зомби, на этот раз их мозги в опастности. Отец Абсолюта послал своих лучших солдат имунных к заморозке. Eng: Friends are again fighting a horde of zombies, this time their brains are in danger. The father of the Absolute sent his best soldiers immune to freezing. China: 朋友们再次与一群僵尸作斗争,这一次他们的大脑处于危险之中。绝对之父派出了最好的士兵免疫冰冻。

Plays: 73

13 Knights!

Defeat the 13 knights to be a Knight Commander.

Plays: 35

Decorate your home! Easter Edition

Complete quest given by villagers to obtain furniture for your new home!

Plays: 13

Easter Egg Battle!

Fight the egg bandits!

Plays: 5

Easter Egg Hunt

Collect 20 Eggs

Plays: 9

Kill the Corona

People are very sick. A lot of viruses spread over their body. You are the doctor. Throw the syringes and kill the viruses. Save humanity.

Plays: 17

Sky Island Adventure

Escape the world

Plays: 17

Defuse the bomb simulator

Can you defuse the bomb within the time limit?

Plays: 10

Sphinx Raven

Eng: A sphinx named Raven sent his harpies to abduct the Princess. Ru: Сфинкс по имени Ворон отправил своих гарпий, чтобы похитить Принцессу. China: 一只名为Raven的狮身人面像派他的子绑架了公主。

Plays: 37

Star Sail

ENG: Careful driving cosmos gear. You are looking for a star with planets. RU: Тщательное вождение космического аппарата. Вы ищете звезду с планетами. CHINA: 小心驾驶宇宙齿轮。你正在寻找一颗有行星的恒星。

Plays: 27

Jump Souls

A souls type platformer. It's pretty hard.

Plays: 10

Most Wanted Pirates Pig Pirates

Defeat Captain Swineplank!

Plays: 6

MIB Training Facility

Train to be a MIB agent.

Plays: 8

Dinosaur Museum

Battle in the Museum

Plays: 6

Castle of Doom Episode Two

EN: A platform for experienced players. In developing. RU: Платформер для опытных игроков. В разработке. China:有经验的玩家的平台。在开发中。

Plays: 22

Labyrinth episode three

Use the shift key to overcome obstacles beyond Slime and help her brother get the key out of the cave.

Plays: 59

Zombie Marathon

Outrun the zombies!

Plays: 17

The Gauntlet

They said only the best adventurers can conquer the gauntlet. Fight goblins, dwarfs, demons, monsters and overcome every boss within the gauntlet arena. Are you up for the challenge?

Plays: 9

Release the Kraken

The Kraken has been released!

Plays: 9

Most Wanted Pirates

​The Marines hired you to deal with one of the notorious Pirate of the sea, Captain Skull-o-mancer. Rumor that Skull Pirates are raiding graveyards. You found a way inside one of their ship that's heading back to their hideout.​ WASD to move Shift to run Mouse click to attack Space bar to jump Tips for the best player experience Use Google Chrome Disable AdBlock if activated on your device The map also plays on Android devices

Plays: 14

Apex Legends Planet Harvester

Apex Legends Season 4 is here!

Plays: 22

Giant Slayers 2

Humanity's last stand.

Plays: 6

Labyrinth episode 2

The Adventures of Slime. Take the items in the correct order, otherwise they will not be accepted. Get to the orange panel and so on in each location and with the boss too. Some choices of difficulty on the menu are pretty brutal.

Plays: 31

Knight Story

Break the curse of your kingdom.

Plays: 11

Giant Slayers

Plays: 6

Three Kingdoms

The battle of Humans, Dwarves and Goblins.

Plays: 6

Love is in the air

Welcome to Valentine's Park!

Plays: 6

Hunter Ivan Chronicles

Eng: A good isometric-style shooter game similar to Zelda with the ability to shoot the mouse in any direction. Random order of levels passing.

Plays: 35

Smart Moves

Plays: 7

Saving Valentine Day from Zombies

Date gone wrong!

Plays: 11

Quidditch Arena

Let's play Quidditch!

Plays: 6

Eruption Island

Masked Bandits throws explosive at the volcano!

Plays: 11

Moon Car Stunt

Moon Car stunt is a game where you can race in space.Enjoy space travel with realistic car physics. Be the captain of the galaxy. You can play it as a single player against time or two player on split screen mode.

Plays: 18

Mars Trip

Fly through Mars

Plays: 25


Nothing is as easy as it seems.

Plays: 13

Crossbows Vs Zombies Episode 1

ENG: Protect your house from hordes of zombies. Need to hold out for 1 minute. It is possible to hire only one type of warrior per type of terrain.There are some missions consisting of ten areas each that will open as you progress.

Plays: 72

Mars Invasion

Defend the Empire from invaders!

Plays: 20

Jump Hero

Can you reach the top floor?

Plays: 21

Battle of Helm Deep

Join Aragorn and the people of Rohan defend the Helm's Deep

Plays: 14

Rainbow Park

Parkour and race with your friends! Explore the Rainbow Park for treasures!

Plays: 10

Avocado Rescue

Avocado Rescue is a short, simple and difficult shooter game about rescuing your love (Avocado) from your old friend and fellow fruit, Apple. Inspired by the Stardew Valley Mini-Game Journey of the Prairie King, I wanted to take the frustration and reward I found in that game and give it a new skin.

Plays: 20


You suspect your boyfriend is cheating on you due to him always leaving. You find your self in a nightmare, hoping for it to end. DEV NOTE: To hide, go to a cabinet. You immediately hide.

Plays: 13

A Very Hungry Cat

Eat as many apples as you can while the cat follows your cursor!

Plays: 16


A platformer game where you try to avoid the lava.

Plays: 25


Plays: 58

Platform Runner

The player collects crystals and cannot fall off the map. The game is in the first person

Plays: 18

Save The Wonders Pyramids

Bandits have taken over the Pyramids! Suit up, Soldier.

Plays: 13

Half Life Crossfire

From the original custom map of Half Life.

Plays: 10

Hero Siege

Protect the King and survive the horde of monsters from Dark Rift!

Plays: 11

Santa Racer

The best arcade car racing game. Do you want to compete for Christmas? Whether you want to compete with your friend, you can open the race with cpu. but be the fastest driving and complete the race first.

Plays: 10


Try to reach the target before time runs out. Adjust the weight by pressing the mouse. Keep in mind, The heaviest weight throws the ball farthest away. Try to pass the ball through the pot by calculating its weight according to the distance

Plays: 10


Pong meets block breaker meets the world's game.

Plays: 13

Golden Ball Adventure

In the game we have to collect all the crystals to move to the next level. The game will be updated every day or every two days If you like my games, please support me and share the game link. Thank you very much for your help! :)

Plays: 28

New Years Eve Bash

It's New Year's Eve. Something weird happened. Fireworks stopped mid-explosion, monsters and guns appeared out of nowhere. You know what to do.

Plays: 15

the best place in the universe

You are tight, face your enemies, pick up the weapon, find the elevator key and enter the elevator and change phase until you reach the best place in the universe, use the arrow keys to move the character and the "A" key to shoot .

Plays: 228

save the planet

save the planet- information in game menu

Plays: 349

Adventure Quest Port Warmwaters

Explore Port Warmwaters!

Plays: 12

Adventure Quest Atilla Town

Headed back to town. Board the boat and set sail to Port Warmwaters!

Plays: 27

Running in the Park

Improve your Focus and Agility

Plays: 18

LauchaZ PlataformeR

un plataformero genial, dificil, entretenido, que desafiara tus reflejos y habilidad. El juego perfecto para pasar el rato. Tienes que ayudar a esta pobre laucha a comer algo de quesito rico, aunque el solo prefiere uno, ¿seras capaz de ayudarlo?, no creo...

Plays: 19

Adventure Quest Mushroom Forest

Explore the Mushroom Forest! Main Story Quest : Defeat the Cyclops Talk to the NPC's for the sidequests.

Plays: 19

Adventure Quest

Explore the world of Adventure Quest! Become the Hero and save the world.

Plays: 21

Super Lonely Basketball Simulator

A short basketball themed physics puzzler. Get the ball into the basket all by yourself by dragging and dropping the black rectangle with your mouse.

Plays: 30

Ticking Time Ball

A fast-paced, side-scrolling game of rhythm and reflexes.

Plays: 24

Santa Workshop

​The Gremlins are back! They invaded Santa's Workshop and destroying the presents! Defeat the Gremlins to save the Christmas!​

Plays: 13


Man Skiing by SkateBoard and In an interesting challenge By dribbling between trees controlls: keybord: Left&Right Arrow To move left and right sides And Space For Jump mobile: btn Left& btn Right To Move Left And Right Sides And btn Jumb

Plays: 40


Dodge breads as you can, in a environment that is harder at the time pass. beats your highscore!

Plays: 18

Pizza Tycoon is the game on Kongregate.

Plays: 24

Fornite Madness

Pleasant Park is an area on the Battle Royale map Fortnite. It is a large suburban town with 8 houses, park and an open American football field. It also contains a gazebo, with picnic tables, and trees surrounding it.

Plays: 26

Legend of Zelda Adventure Box

The world of the original Legend of Zelda.

Plays: 13

Goblin Hunter

Explore the world of Goblin Hunter! Where you find towers inside the city. Defeat the Goblin Boss and seal the tower!

Plays: 13

Escape the Mansion

Solve puzzles and defeat enemies. Survive and escape the mansion!

Plays: 11

Monster Town

Five kids that are treat and tricking on your neighboring town were still not home after halloween. As the sheriff of the town, your duty is to save the kids from Monster Town.

Plays: 8

Halloween Town

Pumpkin monsters invaded Halloween Town!

Plays: 9

Apex Legends Skull Town

Located towards the Southern end of Kings Canyon, the small compact area of Skull Town.

Plays: 15

Winter Wonderland

​Skate in the ice! Run through the rainbow tunnel! Hide in the Igloo! Shoot and take cover. Have fun playing in Winter Wonderland!

Plays: 9

Santa Snow Globe

Little Gremlins tries to destroy Santa's favorite snow globe. Santa used his magic to shrunk you and some of his elves to go inside the snow globe and get rid of them.

Plays: 17

Angry Colors

Match colors to destroy Angry Colors. Beings from another galaxy have found the planet Earth, and guess what, they are angry and ready to invade us. It is up to you to defend the planet from this invasion. Match Colors to destroy Angry invaders from earth. Select color and launch an attack to the enemy, but be aware if launched attack does not match with enemy, angry color will counter attack directly and the mothership as well. Activate throwers and destroy canon bullets from mothership. Put yourself to test your coordination, reflexes and patience to overcome this invasion.

Plays: 18

Halloween Runner

Help the witch to collect the pumpkins ! But be careful. Bats, tombstone and scary spiders can kill you. jump or bend over. Help them for go home

Plays: 10

Wobbel Evolutie

Beweeg je muis om de wobbels te laten bewegen. Op die manier moet je de vliegjes te pakken zien te krijgen. Maar kijk uit voor de haai en de kwal! Vanaf de derde vis kun je de kwal opeten en krijg je twee punten. Per vliegje krijg je 1 punt. Lukt het jou om de Highscore te verbeteren? Klik op het vlaggetje om te beginnen!

Plays: 8

EmCar - The Police Pursuit Game

In this game you did a bank robbery. Now the police is angry and they’re trying to catch you. Go away for a long time! -————————- Made by Sterren Martens and Jarne Blokzijl -————————- If you have bugs, please mail it to with a screenshot

Plays: 38

Grid the cardgame

A fun CCG where you can collect over 500 cards.

Plays: 19


A normal interstellar journey, suddenly became a nightmare for our fellow astronaut. The Gravity-control system blew-up. Now the only hope for the astronaut is to go through all the spaceship modules and flee using an escape pod. Will he be able to save his life using only his jetpack…?

Plays: 333

The Carbon Neutral Republic of Novaya Zemlya (Inc.)

This game lets you simulate a struggle to build a home for global warming refugees north of the Arctic Circle, on Russia’s Novaya Zemlya island. The game starts after your daring band of environmental activists have captured Novaya Zemlya, and have set up refugee camps, offshore wind turbines and greenhouses. Of course, Russia wants its island back, and is attacking Novaya Zemlya on multiple fronts. To win, you will need to hold off the Russians for 100 turns. To stop the Russians, you must develop new crops that grow fast in low light environments to feed your growing refugee population. If you cannot take refugees off of the hands of nations further south, you will lose international support. And you need international support to buy the weapons that you require to fight the Russians. You will also need to counter Russian efforts to meddle in the internal politics of your allies and undermine international support for your cause. Of course, you also need electricity to power your vertical farms and run your genetic research labs, so make sure that the Russians don’t capture too many of your offshore wind turbines. The game’s card driven mechanics will let you figure out how to strike a balance between these competing priorities. Good luck.

Plays: 23


It's a game about adventuring in the Undersea, a land below the ocean where you have only a trusty bubble gun to traverse the deep water conditions

Plays: 21

Burn Your Brain

A puzzle game where you light up a pentagram.

Plays: 28


A single dimensional multiplayer game

Plays: 16

Shao Kahn Fight

Hey guys, came to share one more of my games with you. Fight with the Character Shao Kahn and eliminate the surviving opponents at each Level to earn the medal lemdaria. About the game There are several different scenarios Each of these scenarios contains 6 Levels with each passing level the difficulty increases, remembering when you start the game a scenario will be selected randomly and the challenges are the same for each scenario, when you finish the game you will see a score With the result of the game including Victories, Defeats, Total Hits, Score, the Victories and Defeats are recorded on your computer whenever the game starts the result will be loaded. Shao Kanh Character Commands Move and jump Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Attack use Z, X, C keys to attack Z + Low Hook Magic1 X + Low Magic2 C + Low Race Attack 1 >> + Z or << +Z Race Attack 2 >> + X or << + X Special Keys A, S Defense Key D Pause Enter Key Full or Normal key Q, E key remembering this is just a Mortal Kombat Fan Game i developed a version of this for PC yet when i was using Engine Construct Classic you can download it and play it and tell which of the two version got better the old one or this current link

Plays: 38

Idle Farmer

Be a farmer!

Plays: 33

Burn Down The Znkcozes

You are a explorer and you found this abandoned cabin in the middle of a dense taiga, you wander inside and find these creatures and out of nowhere one jumps out at you and into your mind, now internally you have to use a the torch to burn them down before they make you go insane!

Plays: 28

Melted: RTS

Set in a life-sized environment, the player must collect resources scattered around the map and use them to build an army of miniature troops and buildings in order to overpower the enemy.

Plays: 64

Ping pong

Table tennis, also known as ping-pong, is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table using small rackets. The game takes place on a hard table divided by a net. ... A point is scored when a player fails to return the ball within the rules.

Plays: 33

Jump Dash

A game where you dash, and then you jump.

Plays: 45

pumpkin parkour

Jump all platforms and reach the end in this colorfull game for android and pc.

Plays: 23

The One From Down There

An interactive fiction/platformer about some unexpected friendship and rising from hell.

Plays: 29

A Balling Adventure

This is also one of the first game I've ever made! In this platformer you help Mango. Tinyer, and Chrubb go on a adventure to uncover the secrets of what lies below the land, you switch between Mango, Tinyer, and Chrubb to fit through gaps and small spaces!

Plays: 37

Squiggly Evolutions

My first game uploaded to this portal and one of first games I've ever made! Take care of this little blue fuzzy creature and try to evolve him to his final form in this virtual pet like game!

Plays: 31

Castle of Doom

ENG:Platform jumping for experienced players. Some objects are traps, and some are killing you.There are bosses. There is a collection of doors that needs to be collected so that the last level leads to the end.

Plays: 50

Puppets Cemetery

A Halloween Arena Top Down Shooter

Plays: 41

SUPER MATTY - Episode 3 (mobile HD)

Beta trading business application for retail in coffee shop. Бета версия торгового бизнес приложения для кофейни.

Plays: 23

Papa's Pizzeria

Delivery Boy Roy is left in charge of Papa's Pizzeria. Unfortunately for Roy, the customers are use to Papa Louie's style of fully custom pizzas. Whether it is 8 pepperonis everywhere and 2 olives on the lower half, or a 10 onion pizza cooked well done and cut in 4 slices, there is no telling what they will come up with. So master the 4 stations and work up the ranks to be the best Pizza Chef around!

Plays: 27


Play PUBG Online in multiplayer! PUBG is FPS and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds counter strike adventure! Play this shooting game online for FREE, complete battle royale challenges, join a special forces squad, counterattack or just play with your gun! Win epic royale battles and play free.

Plays: 2620

Run Jerry Run

Run Jerry Run is a Skill game on GaHe.Com. You can play Run Jerry Run in your browser for free. Tom is chasing Jerry again and he has to get away. But Jerry is hungry so help him gather all the cheese that is along the way and don't run into anything. Tom is chasing Jerry again and he has to get away. But Jerry is hungry so help him gather all the cheese that is along the way and don't run into anything.

Plays: 46

Water Sons

Water Sons Gumball and Darwin aren't just Wattersons, they're Water Sons! The Sun has turned up the heat on Elmore. Help Gumball and Darwin fire water balloons to keep their friends cool. Beat the heat in The Water Sons.

Plays: 15

Playing with Fire 2

Select the number of players and level to start the game. Blow up your opponents using bombs before they manage to kill you. Destroy blocks to leave behind power-ups which will give you special abilities when picked up. Each player has three lives so they will need to be killed three times to be eliminated. There is a 3-minute time limit in place. If you win a game, you will score the number of seconds remaining on the timer multiplied by 250, times the number of opponents in the game. Losing a game will result in that amount of points being subtracted from your score

Plays: 22

Plumber 2

Wonder if your pipes get out of whack and you couldn't find a plumber for the work? Here is an interesting game that will tease your brain for finding the way to connect the spigot to the overflow pipe by joining the pipes properly before turning the water on. All you have to do is click on pipes with cursor one at a time to rotate them and form one drainage line from spigot to overflow pipe. Keep in mind a thing that some pipes run behind others. In the end, after connecting the spigot with the overflow pipe, watch the water drain and if it misses to connect with the overflow pipe, you'll lose. Remember, a good plumber will never let the water goes spilling out instead of down the drain!

Plays: 28

Bob The Robber 1

Stage a series of daring heists in Bob the Robber 1! Having grown up with the exciting stories of the brave Robin Hood, Bob likes to help others with his lock picking and burglary skills. As the first game in the series, Bob the Robber 1 tells the story of how the protagonist rolled into the business of burglary. Shadows, guards, security cameras, and vicious guard dogs are all part of this journey. Wear your masks and tip-toe through the levels. Being silent and sneaky is the first rule of being a successful burglar!

Plays: 46


This version of the Monopoly game welcomes the Rubber Ducky, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Penguin into its family of tokens. Choose your token, place it on GO! and roll the dice to own it all! There can be only one winner in the Monopoly game. Will it be you?

Plays: 53

SUPER MATTY - Episode 1: Football

GAME: Sport. This is one episode from the full game.

Plays: 125

SUPER MATTY - Episode: Matty vs Scott

GAME: Fighting. This is one episode from the full game.

Plays: 110


An addictive strategy puzzle game in the tradition of Qwirkle, Rummikub, and Scrabble, it is as simple as matching colors and shapes, but also requires tactical maneuvers and well-planned strategy. Play alone, against the AI, or with a friend.

Plays: 28


Place three-square blocks on the grid. Clear the grid by strategically placing identically colored squares next to each other.

Plays: 1250

Memory Twist

An original memory puzzle where your goal is to uncover objects hidden in the grid in the shortest time possible.

Plays: 1218


Swap tiles and solve the puzzle in as few steps as possible. The puzzle is solved when any two horizontally or vertically adjacent tiles share exactly one common attribute - either same symbol or same color, but not both.

Plays: 15


The object of the game is to stack the required number of cards so that every disk fits into a circle of the same color, and to do it as fast as possible.

Plays: 13

Color Match

Compose the background color from the red, blue and yellow components. Clear the grid by matching the background color to the color of individual cells.

Plays: 518


This is full game. The game is large, with a plot and many levels, so the project can take a long time to load. The first trial work on programming and animation :)

Plays: 748


Learn various numeric systems (from base 2 to base 9) and have fun in the process!

Plays: 14

Turbo Tiles

Rotate tiles and align identically colored shapes. The object is to get all shapes properly aligned in as few rotations as possible.

Plays: 1056


All you have to do is reach the check point at the other side. That's not too hard, right? Just try to do it in the fewest number of lives possible if you can please. Some of our testers have said: "is this another one of those games where you're a test subject and the computer is talking to you?" The answer is no. You are not a test subject, there is no computer. We just wanted to taunt the hell out of you while you die over and over again. :)

Plays: 37


Connect dots with lines and make triangles trying to cover more area than your opponent.

Plays: 26

XO Math

How to play :- First, this game is about measuring students abilities of sloving multiplication equations . Second, each players need to solve the multiplication equations to put the (X,O) sign on any quarters . Third, if the player fails to solve the equations , then the game will turn into other player . Forth, the winner who can make row of signs (X,O) . created by Omar Barakat , idea : Abdull-alla Sultan .

Plays: 234

Mind Shapes

A simple, fast-paced shape and color recognition game

Plays: 29

Run Dash GO

Treverse platforms in levels that add more element when you beat them. Please leave a Rate for LudamDare45 link

Plays: 26

Zombie Survival Game

Shoot the zombies and make your High Score

Plays: 23


move as zig zag by clicking mouse, move to next , try to earn the highest score

Plays: 32


A top-down shooter with armored cars and holo-asteroids. You are a recruit of the V-Troopers, the main force of the Asteroid Vesta. Your duty is to test experimental weapons using a combat car that the enforcers will use on the battlefield. Your goal is to resist for 150 seconds, planning every shot. Only one rule: Don’t be hit. C-ZERO (Carsteroids Zero - Troopers Training Ground) is a spin-off, played by the point of view of the V-Troopers, one of the antagonists of the main game. --- Here is the main game Carsteroids:

Plays: 234


Eng:Description:There are no bonuses, and the boss is invulnerable, what should the protagonist do, do not ask me. RU: Описание: Бонусов нет, и босс неуязвим, что делать главному герою, не спрашивайте меня. China: 描述:没有奖金,老板是无懈可击的,主角应该做什么,不要问我。

Plays: 56

What's Next?

A violent war has began, and now you have to save your people, fighting against anything will try to stop you! Features: - Control a Super-Trained Soldier and defeat all your enemies! (will it be really like that?) - Use dozens of different weapons to fight at your best (maybe...) - Complete houndreds of missions (Maybe not...) - Remember: Nothing is as it seems

Plays: 72

Adriene Arqueira

Você lutara com contra goblins para defender o castelo e a realeza

Plays: 26


Yet another remake of the classic game!

Plays: 21

Drink Drive Survive

Have you ever tried to drive while drunk? If the answer is no, good for you! me neither! So, what about a simulator that shows you the all the issues that a drunken driver has to face?

Plays: 228

The Lost Joystick

They stole your joystick… but they don’t know who you are! You will do everything to get it back In this psychedelic pixel-artish platformer, you have to jump around the levels looking for coins and keys, killing monsters and avoiding traps . Simple as that.

Plays: 102

Green Slaughter

An hacker spotted a big conspiracy, but he is alone, so he can't do anything to save the world. He can't call neither the police nor the army, he needs an outsider. Somebody who knows how to fight and has nothing to lose. Prepare your weapons and Kill dozens and dozens of monsters! You’re the last hope to save the world from the reptilians!

Plays: 83

Floppy Pipe

A reimagining of the famous “Floppy Bird”. The rules are simple: you are a Flying Pipe and you have to avoid the chickens as long as you can! Controls: click with the mouse or press spacebar to fly up! That’s all!

Plays: 189

Souls Bounce At Night

Help the souls get to the light

Plays: 25

For An Apple

A classic avoid and collect game

Plays: 96

Kirby Fighter

Be Kirby and get all them evil Waddle Dees!

Plays: 25

Pizza and Drink Tycoon

Make Pizza to get some Money, Then upgrade Your pizzas! Drinks are unlocked when you finish the pizza store

Plays: 35

Puzzle Platformer Square

Puzzle Platformer! The levels get gradually more complicated.

Plays: 344


Descend the dungeon, absorb the souls of your enemies, and defeat rival warlocks.

Plays: 26

endless runner

jump up over levels of traps rocks and platformer and blast your way to the top

Plays: 239

Escape Lies

Made for the community game jam in one week. This is a game where you escape form escape rooms. Sorry for just few levels. I had not much time.

Plays: 654

Fury FI

Get in to the action, Run, jump and slide in this adventure while using basic element spells like radiant fire, Ice and bubble float.

Plays: 33


jump and advance when faced with obstacles or enemy

Plays: 27

Complete Nature - Niagara Waterfall

You can test your patience and practical intelligence by trying to complete the nature view.

Plays: 23

Run Robot Boy!

You are a little robot kid and get caughted on weird rain on another planet. If you can score 100 by collecting the stars while running away the rain, you can get home.

Plays: 18

Look Around: There Are Ghosts Nearby

Look Around: There Are Ghosts Nearby is a top-down-shooter game about trying to survive waves of different ghosts. Reveal and shoot ghosts with your super lantern, but always remember to Look Around. Playing as a child, without any help from your parents, you need to free your house from all ghosts. Using the furniture in your favor, running in circles or even just shooting ghosts randomly, you'll need to survive waves to reach your safety.

Plays: 32

Death Mask

In this game you will play a role of Revil-Razorback, guy who wants to find mysterious artifact called the Death-Mask. This artifacts gives an eternal life to it’s owner. You will walk through endless techno-maze, and die many many times, before you find want you want. There will be 3D models updates, minor gameplay changes in the distant future. Death Mask – Cyber Fantasy Adventure in Endless Techno-Maze. Prepare to die!

Plays: 24


It's time to relax, you're a duck now, Quack! Swim around and rescue as many ducklings as possible. Dodge the reckless boats, they will hurt you. Upgrade your home by retrieving more ducklings and get the coolest looking nest in the pond.

Plays: 111


A 2D plateformer where you constantly have to choose: do I fly and make the level easier at the cost of my life, or do I go the longer, riskier way?

Plays: 24

Tile Conquest

A game of balancing four different ressources to conquer the whole map. Made to be played on full screen.

Plays: 32

Evil Plant Kingdom

A game where you kill a lot of evil veggies.

Plays: 44

Onion Escape WIP

A WIP game I'm working on.

Plays: 23


A fun car racing game! Jump on ramp to drive faster and reach the goal first so you are winner.

Plays: 34


Welcome to Minimalistic, a vector + monochromatic platformer by QuantainStudios! Consisting of 15 levels and clean graphics. Enjoy!

Plays: 469

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is a simple game where you need to reach the high score while paint the background and objects in yellow, jumping until the infinite. Nice 8- Bit music by Eric Skiff.

Plays: 72

Amgel Easy Room Escape 3

Amgel Easy Room Escape 3 is another point and click escape game developed by AmgelEscape. In this game, you are locked in a room and you have to try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Can you able to escape from the room successfully? Good luck and have fun!

Plays: 33


Help the brave cook to collect the ingredients for the dish

Plays: 83

A Guitar God

Become a guitar god now! You might need wait the music to come. Don't let those arrows pass or it'll be a game over.

Plays: 53

The Normandy Campaign

This game simulates the 1944 Normandy campaign. You play as the Allies, and this game gives you the flexibility to explore alternative approaches to the D-Day landings and the subsequent campaign to liberate France. You can land in Calais, or you can drop your paratroopers directly into Paris. Importantly, to win, you must liberate Paris before mid-August AND you must capture a few deep-water ports to support the Allied drive into Germany. The [x] units represent allied infantry divisions with attached armored units. The (o) units represent German Panzer divisions, and the (x) units represent German infantry divisions. The other computer units represent coastal defense formations that cannot move. Each turn represents one week. To win, you need to capture four objective hexes (the hexes with white borders). Use the cards to carry out air drops and amphibious landings. Good luck.

Plays: 56

Box Man

Play as a box, shoot triangles, get upgrades, and get the highest score!

Plays: 38


A simple boxing game that focuses on timing.

Plays: 45

Amgel Easy Room Escape 2

Amgel Easy Room Escape 2 is another point and click escape game developed by AmgelEscape. In this game, you are locked in a room and you have to try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Can you able to escape from the room successfully? Thanks for playing Amgel Escape Games. Good luck and have fun!

Plays: 35

Amgel Kids Room Escape 27

AmgelEscape - Amgel Kids Room Escape 27 is another point and click escape game developed by Amgel Escape. In this game, you are locked in a kids room and you have to try to escape the kids room by finding items and solving puzzles. Show your best escaping skills to escape from kids room. Can you escape from the kids room successfully? Good luck and have fun!

Plays: 19


This is just a prototype of puzzle game where the only mechanics available for player are movement and camera rotation. Please give it a try and send some feedback with this from It will be very helpful for me!

Plays: 51

Amgel Archery Home Escape

Amgel Archery Home Escape is another point and click escape game developed by AmgelEscape. In this game, you are locked in a room and you have to try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Can you able to escape from the room successfully?. Good luck and have fun!

Plays: 32

Sea Is Below

Move, dodge and use your brain in this exciting and fun game to keep the ball away from water and win.(All balls doesn’t like water, if you didn’t know)ʘ‿ʘ

Plays: 851

Baloon Rush

Catch all baloons.

Plays: 63


Mine for ore, smelt resources, and harvest cancer.

Plays: 43

Ghost'n Brothers

Ghost'nBrothers is a fast puzzle game in pixel art. Find the right path to free two lovely little ghosts through a polished and colored dungeon in 2D! Are you ready to rack your brain?

Plays: 63

A light in the Dark

Fight the shadows back to survive! This is mostly just a tech demo for lighting/shadows so it is very short. If you get a WebGL2 not available error try using chrome or firefox, apparently chromium will not work Hope you like it! If you like the game I have more content on Newgrounds

Plays: 38

The Trials

Face three challenging trials, an intricate maze, a togh battle and a challenging track. If you overcome these obstacles you will become certified explorer. Are you ready for the most important day of your life?

Plays: 40

Freaky Factory

Fight hostile workers and other players in this strange factory! Invite friends for a multiplayer shoot 'em up!

Plays: 51

Minecraft Nightmare

You are a scientist. After your last experiment you managed to reduce yourself in size. To make matters worse the pumpkin seeds you also experimented on have turned into murderous killer pumpkins. Kill the pumpkins to stay alive!

Plays: 52

Toybox Tussle

While playing with your toys your action figures suddenly come alive and start attacking you. Fight them off to survive!

Plays: 35

King of Chaos

A simple text based game.

Plays: 46

Vertigo Fish

Have an underwater blast as you swim through the cave at vertigo speed shooting everything that moves! Just don't touch the walls at that speed...

Plays: 98

Touch Blaster

​Your typical space shoot 'em up... ON TOUCHSCREEN! But it can still be played on PC with the mouse. It's an endless game, so aim for the highest score you can get.

Plays: 45

Little Shadow

Help the little shadow find a suitable home by guiding him towards the red flags, and don't get killed by all of your natural predators.

Plays: 46

Battle Tanks ll

Battle Tanks ll is an Action, Strategy, Languages Portuguese and English game. Objective Each level has different objectives to destroy amount of Tanks and destroy the Master Tank other objectives may arise as the game develops. Do not let the enemy destroy your Base if it destroys you lose the game. Controls Move the camera using W, D, S, A keys or the <> buttons Movements Select the desired tank and then click somewhere on the map remembering you can select multiple tanks. Attack if the attack button is activated your tanks attacked the enemy tanks automatically Store press the button and a Shop menu will appear and you can buy different tanks types and values goal press the button and a menu will show the Mission Objective when completing the Objectives will appear 3 Options Return to Menu, Play again at same level and go to next level Pause the game This Button is for pausing the game. This is Battle Tank ll if you want to know the Battle Tanks l download this Link

Plays: 84

Ball Up

PLAY ON FULL SCREEN Basic Guide: Press the blue icon on the bottom right to full screen. Yellow Ball = Score Points. Red Ball = Game Over. Green Ball = Speed Debuff. Yellow Ball hit floor -50 points, what did you think it's going to be easy. It's Life nothing easy earn it on your own. As i said before score as high as you can, if you can that is. --------What to add in the future update Online Scoreboard. A story. More Balls. Hard Mode / Easy Mode

Plays: 36


Get ready to destroy asteroids! Asteroids is a replica of the original asteroids game, made in Unity with some improvements. In this game you have to destroy as many asteroids as possible before dying. On your quest to destroy asteroids you will find alien ships trying to stop you by shooting lasers. Big asteroids will split up in two small asteroids with a bigger travelling speed. The game gets more difficult as your score increases, more asteroids will spawn and more UFOs will appear to stop you. Thanks for playing my first ever game. Have fun!

Plays: 40

Club Penguin FLASHED

waddle around and be alone

Plays: 37

Just a normal Cookie Clicker

its not what it seems.

Plays: 46


you can offer your ideas for this game and support the developer on patreone in the future I will download the source code if you are interested Thanks to your support, I will be able to make games more thoughtfully and bring quality to a whole new level! I hope for your support, thank you! :) Update 0.4.3 -20 levels -fix bugs

Plays: 67

Crossbar Kevin

Hit the Crossbar or face dad's wrath!

Plays: 53

Syndetic Golf

Go out to the golf course and hit a golf ball with your buddy.

Plays: 915

Epic Garden Fantasy

This is an unofficial fan game for Epic Battle Fantasy series, Based on the original games and gardening blogs form the developer Matt Roszak. All the characters and foes belongs to Kupo Games and Mister Roszak. Please support EBF series.

Plays: 64

Zumbis Apocalipse

destrua os zumbis infectados antes que ele invada seu reino, vença o jogo antes que o tempo acabe, quando o tempo acabar voce recebera reforços e vencera o jogo voce ganha recompenssas ao destruir cada zumbis.

Plays: 45

Santa Claus Adventure

his game was saving here to release on the net in the Christmas season and as it is already time so let's go, Well this is an adventure game, platform tells the story of a Santa Claus who goes out in search of his lost gifts to donate when he finds them, along the way you will find various obstacles and monsters that made it difficult to collect these gifts. Controls Keyboard Use the arrow keys to move and jump / jump if it is on the mobile the virtual control will be activated automatically

Plays: 78

Vegetable War

A locale Arcade Game

Plays: 280


Play better on the phone You can download APK for Android you can offer your ideas for this game and support the developer on patreone in the future I will download the source code if you are interested Thanks to your support, I will be able to make games more thoughtfully and bring quality to a whole new level! I hope for your support, thank you! :)

Plays: 154

Dervin Dodger

Help Dervin Dodger navigate his ship through the never ending onslaught of asteroids. With only the help of a few missiles you must use quick thinking and fast reflexes to maneuver the tricky asteroid field.

Plays: 216

Black & White

Small 2D puzzle game.

Plays: 83

Fire Runner

Recovery the stars stolen in this infinite runner game in that you jump across the platforms. Collect all stars to explode your score.

Plays: 184

Metal Slug Scene Creator Beta v0.1

Hey everyone! Here is my second game I've officially created! This time around it features music, animated sprites, a stage select, credits and more! Drop down a decent rating below and follow my page to stay updated! Credits: -SNK< -Adobe

Plays: 82

Link it up!

Link It Up! is a casual, puzzle platforming game. In this game you need to link up the line to make your way through the level. Link It Up! features 30 levels that include interesting puzzles as well as cool platforming challenges.

Plays: 381


Fling is a 2D platforming game with Grappling Hook as the only way to move.

Plays: 151

Space Baiano Ghost

The goal of the game and make the highest score.

Plays: 114


Simple puzzle game, similar to the legendary 'lines' game, but with a twist. Connect 4, or more hexagons, of the same number, and clear the board as long as you can. While new hexagons appear, your room for maneuver decreases.

Plays: 1077

Tactical Weapon Pack 2

Put your shooting skills to the test! 8 ranked game modes to play and over 100 realistic weapons and attachments to customize! RANKED MODE: Play 1 of 8 fast-paced challenging game modes and submit your score to compete in the worldwide leaderboards! Unlock new weapons and attachments as you earn XP and money in game. Create your own classes and customize each weapon with dozens of attachments and modifications. Upgrade your skills to improve your high score. FIRING RANGE: Test any weapon of your choice in the firing range. Practice your aim and create new targets! All assets in this game are free to use! Find them at

Plays: 789

Cube-y Worlds

Cube-dodger game! Spin-off of the original Cube-y Escape games, you can now play through 5 different worlds and a classic infinity mode to see how far you can get!

Plays: 340