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Through the ashes of the forgotten. - boomflargadude - 08-14-2018

<IMG src="">[img]<URL url=""><LINK_TEXT text=" ... height=300"></LINK_TEXT></URL>[/img]</IMG> <FONT font="Palatino Linotype">This is another picture that I made using pencil shavings, I wanted to make something ominous and interesting, so I made the figure in the picture holding a candle and focused the way I made the picture around the light of the candle to give it a "Glowing" effect. Overall, I think the end result is definitively interesting. </FONT>

Re: Through the ashes of the forgotten. - Slythpaw - 08-14-2018

This is so cool! Using pencil shavings to make a beautiful piece of art! Well played, i might have to try that. Thats what i call using your noddle!
Honestly, the way this picture looks is really cool. It vaguely reminds me of the horror game Amnesia. This is such a well crafted piece, and i have to say, when it comes to making bazaar, interesting art, you know what your doing.
Well done as always Boom! :lol: