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[Scratch-Flash]A game with no identity - kengally - 05-12-2018

Around February I decided I wanted to make an open-adventure game.
However due to being in the middle of studies and having a lack of allies to work with - I figured it would be best to start the project with a simple boss engine.

The game can currently be found on Newgrounds, like my other project:
<URL url=""></URL>

I say that the game lacks an identity so far - as I am open to working with other people to form a real game around this template (Perhaps on a better programming language).

Credits go to <URL url=""><LINK_TEXT text=" ... M-cNh-cNWQ"></LINK_TEXT></URL> which is the source of the music in this project.

If anyone is interested in working on the project, DM me and I'll add you to my discord server.

POST EDIT: I should of mentioned, I was invited to this forum to promote my game.

Re: A game with no identity - SuperWerer - 05-12-2018

Hey, are you planning on adding the other characters from your previous game here, as well? I didn't see an option of playing with another character (except the stick-man, of course :D )

Re: A game with no identity - kengally - 05-12-2018

The game engine will likely stay this way, I think the addition of other characters would be if entirely new projects were made from this one.