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The final nail in the coffin - boomflargadude - 08-20-2018

<IMG src="">[img]<URL url=""><LINK_TEXT text=" ... height=261"></LINK_TEXT></URL>[/img]</IMG> A picture idea I got from the discord chat room, even though only one nail was mentioned., I felt that more was necessary. I have drawn lots of creature like his so I had no problem coming up with this design. Hope it is a good spectacle for everyone. :mrgreen:

Re: The final nail in the coffin - TheFrostySoul - 08-20-2018

Great drawing Big Grin . It reminds me of something from an old Legend of Zelda game, like the miniboss Dead Hand

Re: The final nail in the coffin - TheRightJelly - 08-21-2018


Re: The final nail in the coffin - Gravaged - 08-21-2018

Boom this is incredible, absolutely incredible. I'm pretty surprised that this is what came of my suggestion. I don't think it took you long at all to draw this and I'm very impressed. Eye damage is one of the only gory things that really makes me squirm, and his is black and bloodied yikes. I'm glad its tongue is nailed like I asked, but you uh -- you one upped that idea huh? Some of those nails are huge...

The exposed muscle reminds me of Attack On Titan, and I am absolutely disturbed by its fingers. Grossly long

Great work.

Re: The final nail in the coffin - Slythpaw - 08-25-2018

You know after listening to some crazily spooky music today. This picture is the icing on todays cake. Cause now i can go to sleep and have some great nightmares.
This distorted creature is... Horrifying. The idea of having your tung nailed to your chin sounds like it feels like crap. and with all those nails in his head, i can only imagine the painful migraine they have.
Your line work is well made as usual. Your use of shading is very well exicuted. The muscle fibes on his arm are some splendid detail you have provided. The back ground is well drawn and does a good job at popping out the picture of this hideus pore creature. They look like they were nailed so hard...
With rail spikes.

Great art as always boom! You have confirmed that i will probably have a nightmare tonight. Good job! Cant wait to see you next work of art! Big Grin