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Technology Thriller - audiocraft - 08-22-2018

<SOUNDCLOUD content="%5Bsoundcloud%5Dhttps%3A//">[soundcloud][soundcloud]<LINK_TEXT text=" ... y-thriller"></LINK_TEXT>[/soundcloud]</SOUNDCLOUD>[/soundcloud]

Re: Technology Thriller - Slythpaw - 08-23-2018

Experimental, and anything creepy or thriller are normally in my top favorite kinds of music.
I gotta say, i really like what youve done here. Its very bazaar sounding, and deffinetly makes the heart race. The beat is really good, and this songs sound like mechanic genius.
I like the way the song starts, as it sounds perfect for build up. Then your introduction of the next instruments are well executed. One of my favorite things is that piercing buzz saw like noise that comes in. It sounds so eary and so cool!
Over all, you have created a nice experiment here, that sounds like mechanical madness, of wickedly cool mixing. Great job! I anticipate your next track! Big Grin