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Saturday Morning - [TheRightJelly] (Lo-Fi) - TheRightJelly - 08-26-2018

New Chill Track. Enjoy <EMOJI seq="1f525">:fire:</EMOJI>

<SOUNDCLOUD content="">[soundcloud]<LINK_TEXT text=" ... rightjelly"></LINK_TEXT>[/soundcloud]</SOUNDCLOUD>

Re: Saturday Morning - [TheRightJelly] (Lo-Fi) - estherglitchy - 08-26-2018

Good track. Really fits the description of chill, I can easily imagine this in the lo-fi homework mices of youtube. One thing that sort of threw me off was the cat's meow but I trust you and your judgment for your own music. Wish I knew what anime you sampled at the beginning, it sounds familiar. Keep up the good work!