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[OFFERING] Vocals for any track! - estherglitchy - 08-26-2018

Hey, it's Esther.
You've probably seen me post my music or play the forum games buuuut I would like to collab with anyone!

I am open to doing vocals for a track of a genre of your choice because I want to be versatile and if we happen to do a good collab once, why not go on to doing multiple projects?

Examples of things that I have done before can be found on my soundcloud.

<URL url=""></URL>

Feel free to pm me on here or on instagram/twitter at @estherglitchy about a collab.

Re: [OFFERING] Vocals for any track! - Gravaged - 08-30-2018

On it -- brb

Re: [OFFERING] Vocals for any track! - TheRightJelly - 08-30-2018

Ay, Esther! I got some lyrics that i'd like you to help me with, if you wouldn't mind. I don't really mind how it turns out - just do it however you want to :mrgreen:

Here they are~


When i'm alone at night,
I begin to sing this song,
I'll dream of flyin' like a kite,
Though I cry all night long,

All I am is a child,
A child in a lonely world,
Sometimes my mind runs wild,
Damn me to the underworld,

And so I bleed;

Cuts and scars;

No more greed;

I'll fly far ~


Thank you :3