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The Book Of Sherriden (Visual Novel) - Slythpaw - 08-30-2018

Hey, this is something i have been working on for a bit. Its not finished yet, only the first 2 days have been made, but i wanted to release what i had so far to see what yall think of it so far! I wont get around to finishing it for a while as i have to work on other projects right now.

Itch.Io link
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Youtube trailer
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Game Description
​You have woken up in a strange mental recovery facility, with no idea on how you got there. The place is filled with very interesting characters. To aid you in your recovery, you have been partnered up with a mysterious girl. How the story unfolds, is in your hands.

Funny story/ Dev log #1
Asides from this being my first game made using Ren'py, it has also went through many changes. Originally, it was call RenScribble, as a mock of my first power point game Renscabble. But then, i decided i wanted to go a different rout then just making a test game using only a fictional me, and the protagonist as the characters, so the game changed its name to RavenScribble. This introduced more characters and made the game no longer based off of real life and set the game in a fictional world. However, do to the name not rolling off the tongue, plus me feeling the game felt a little odd, I wanting to make this into a full project, and not just a test, so i gave it its official name 'The Book Of Sherriden'. This then became a full fictional story, that it is now. :lol:

Re: The Book Of Sherriden (Visual Novel) - NextVertex - 10-06-2018

Looks Great ! Good work Wink

Re: The Book Of Sherriden (Visual Novel) - Slythpaw - 11-10-2018

Ay, Thanks! ^^
Currently working on a new visual novel. Still in the drawling sprites and background faze of development though x3