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iqn - bender - IQN - 06-21-2018

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This is a collab my friend and I have been working on for some time now.
It pulls elements from many different genre such as IDM, ambient, dnb, jungle, breakbeat, etc.
Our goal was to come up with an album that didn't really fit into any one genre neatly.

leave some feedback if you'd like.

inquires: <EMAIL email=""></EMAIL>

Re: iqn - bender - DonJorge - 06-21-2018

The EP is really artsy. My favourite song is maundered, it has a kind of dark theme but it's not to angry. How did you come up with the names and "bender"?

Re: iqn - bender - IQN - 06-21-2018

So iqn, as in icon.

bender as in the slang term, the state of confusion, impending pain, dragging on and losing sight of what's in front of you. Meant as a way for the listener to apply their own experiences as they listen.

Re: iqn - bender - DonJorge - 06-22-2018

That's really creative and it's nice that you actually thought about your project and not just did a fast project!