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Rap Punchlines - Kid Kazarie - 09-05-2018

This an idea that was inspired by an idea from Avarise. The idea was a forum game where you are writing songs three words at a time.But, this is pretty different especially, if you are a rapper or pride yourself on bars and songwriting in general. Basically, the game is to write rap punchlines using the suggested setup or topic of the poster before you.
For Example: Poster 1 starts just with a random punchline----> You know I'm hungry,starving like a Haitian
Comin for your spot,dread me like a Jamaican
Next topic has to reference a doctor and space
Poster 2 is like okay, I got this----> I'm gaining patience, I know my rhymes in a future date
I'm sick, needed surgery in hyperspace
Next person's setup line is: Yeah, I like cheese and my body is curds
Poster 3 is like okay that's weird but here I go ----> Yeah, I like cheese and my body is curds
Wisconsin girls know C.R.E.A.M. and they chase in herds
But, she my Dairy Queen, the real thing no margarine
Other heifers come around, I become lactose intolerant
so on and so forth. No less than 2 bars and no more than 4. Punchlines must be witty.Do not just say "I eat tree sap/And I rap". Obviously, this is a silly example but, punchlines in rap are all about the relationship between words and language. So explore those connections.Try not to explain your punchline or make citations but, if you do please don't explain the whole thing.Just give hints or lead us to the edge. It will be more fun that way. Don't be afraid to be goofy and ask for someone to write for outlandish topics or write crazy setup lines. Not everything has to be hardcore or a lyrical miracle. So just write a punchline even if it's corny. Without further ado the first topic/setup is.....

I only watch the pilots of tv shows

Re: Rap Punchlines - estherglitchy - 09-05-2018

living life like friends, we on a break but i don't think my rachel knows.

seems like everyday i'm becoming more of a heartthrob,

Re: Rap Punchlines - VanillaTaurus - 09-06-2018

<FONT font="Comic Sans MS"></FONT> Hard knocks on my door, my hair ain't even red though

Looking through the peep hole, people too content to let go

Re: Rap Punchlines - Kid Kazarie - 09-12-2018

<QUOTE author="VanillaTaurus" post_id="8058" time="1536215927" user_id="1065">
VanillaTaurus post_id=8058 time=1536215927 user_id=1065 Wrote:Looking through the peephole,people too content to let go
I'm not sure if the last line is supposed to be your setup but, Imma take it

Let it slip through your fingers the way her hair go
Unless you move too and 'fro, that's a kink in the road
So naturally let it grow and stay locked into the zone
Or weave yourself in flow, just don't be fake though

Next punch gotta be about hearts

Re: Rap Punchlines - VanillaTaurus - 11-10-2018

Red lights, yet I still go
They say stop, but I flow
I don't know where I'm going
But I know that my future's glowing

Re: Rap Punchlines - VanillaTaurus - 11-11-2018

Lost the past
But back then, I never thought'd I'd soar
They days get harder
And it' leaves me all sore