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Jason's Blood - Delicake - 09-14-2018

Okay, so this was a huge milestone for me.
This is the most recent update and it's like a huge part of the rest of the comic's story.
That being when Jason's blood shows that it has a mind of its own!
I'm super happy about getting to this part. I have a goal of where I want to be by April and this was one of the checkpoints.
<IMG src="">[img]<URL url=""></URL>[/img]</IMG>
<IMG src="">[img]<URL url=""></URL>[/img]</IMG>
Of course, here are the links to the actual comic
<SIZE size="150"><URL url="">Webtoons</URL>
<URL url="">Tapas</URL>

Thanks for stopping by, I will probably post the scenes I feel are the most interesting. It's kind of a game of balancing story and keeping it interesting <3