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[Unity WebGL] Sudoku - Release! - nitinkumar25195 - 05-14-2018

I uploaded a simple sudoku game with 40 puzzles with varying difficulties. I made this with unity. There are medals and a scoreboard for the elite who solve all 40 puzzles.
You can check it out on newgrounds :: <URL url=""></URL>

Have fun.

Re: [Unity WebGL] Sudoku - Release! - SuperWerer - 05-14-2018

Hey, great game!

I was always a fan of Sudoku, I am quite active at it again since 2 months or so, so that is a nice coincidence Big Grin

Great graphics, everything works flawlessly, will be playing it in the future Smile

Re: [Unity WebGL] Sudoku - Release! - kengally - 05-14-2018

This reminded me of a childhood love for sudoku that I never got back to (My classroom stopped having newspaper Wednesday mornings).
Overall a great well-rounded project - finally something I can play on my laptop - as it's not visually demanding.

Re: [Unity WebGL] Sudoku - Release! - nitinkumar25195 - 12-19-2018

Smile Thanks for the kind words.