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Our First EP: WIP - Harmonious State - 06-23-2018


Thought id post the WIP of our first ep, any feedback would be sooooooo loved <3 Shoutout anyone whose got the plug Wink

U all think experimental is accurate?

<URL url=""></URL>

all original, and somehow black goo's rap is take 1, out of 1 takes...on a condenser setup in the middle of a house party.

Roxy, being a trans girl, struggles with her voice as hormones don't change it for us.

On day 2 of EDC Vegas, suddenly I was deep--something like paradise in heaven was my experience.

back at the hotel we recorded the sauce that formed Roxy's part. Only had the built in mic, and i think the a/c was running too. its like i was an actual roly poly Wink

hearing her(our) voice lifted my life.

This is our first ever original vocal track, and second time producing rap. Only took 8 years of creating to find our sound Big Grin

Re: Our First EP: WIP - neoNcz - 06-23-2018

Really good. I think it's really good, but that Synth is kinda weird, but overall; fun*king really good...