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[trap] saruz - losing humanity - Saruz - 09-23-2018

here's a quickly-made trap beat, a little experiment for me to play with different genres. check it out:
  • <LI>YouTube: <YOUTUBE id="n3XlB9tzygo" url=""><URL url=""></URL></YOUTUBE></LI>
  • <LI>Newgrounds: <URL url=""></URL></LI>
  • <LI>Soundcloud: <URL url=""></URL></LI>

now I'm working at some cinematic and emotional track, I'm gonna finish it in a few days/weeks.

Re: [trap] saruz - losing humanity - BurneMusic - 09-23-2018

You should enter the new track in the contest imo Wink)

Re: [trap] saruz - losing humanity - BlkWixxan - 09-24-2018

Ooo, it's giving me Tinashe "Bet" vibes. Very moody

Re: [trap] saruz - losing humanity - KnockVoltage - 10-05-2018

Cool sounding beat; I like the melodic elements of it