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The Killing punch - Slythpaw - 09-23-2018

<IMG src="">[img]<URL url=""><LINK_TEXT text=" ... cnjz69.jpg"></LINK_TEXT></URL>[/img]</IMG>

Art of Booms Oc's Slivonch and Zwo.
Slivonch trust to be slick and while Zwo already won the fight, he gets up to attempt to murder Zwo. Zwo quickly reacts when hearing Slivonch running towards him, so he twist around, delivering a powerful blow to Slivonch, dislocating his head from his spine, killing him.
^^ Boom explained it to me, so I drew it. x3

Re: The Killing punch - Army of Aurora - 09-23-2018

Brutal drawing :mrgreen: . I like the face of Zwo, very aggressive Big Grin I cannot identify Slivonch's face though, is it already that deformed? Smile

Re: The Killing punch - Slythpaw - 09-24-2018

Heheh! Thanks!
Funny thing is, Slivonch from what i can see from booms reference, he doesn't have any facial futures except eyes. xD