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And I'm Back..? - Rook - 10-06-2018

I'm fine thank you.

So, maybe you wondered where I wondered off into!
Basically I lost my Mod, and I still volunteered to do something before that but failed to an extent!

And I know I'm going all over the place, but what about my music productions??
Well, I've stopped them temporarily because I actually have interest in drawing right now, and people know I'm terrible at multitasking ()
But I got some interest on singing and making lyrics (japanese ones) so, when I come back with a new song maybe it's me singing!
Also, I probably won't be competing in the October's Contest, sorry Burne </3

And also lastly, about my name. What about it?
Well I'm gonna officially changing my name, to "Rook". Argon is no more guys((
Since I can't change my name for some reason, I asked Super to do it but let's see what happens uwu

So, that's about all, I will visit here sometimes but not as often I was.
Maybe if get music near me again I'll probably be here more, same with drawing but eh.

Thanks, have a nice day
~ Rook

Re: And I'm Back..? - BurneMusic - 10-06-2018

you've made like 3 introduction posts lmfao

Re: And I'm Back..? - Jonathaj - 10-06-2018

<QUOTE author="BurneMusic" post_id="11172" time="1538827512" user_id="304">
BurneMusic post_id=11172 time=1538827512 user_id=304 Wrote:you've made like 3 introduction posts lmfao

Tbh, this is kinda the opposite of introduction, though.

Anyways, you are always welcome here, <I>Rook</I>. :mrgreen:

Re: And I'm Back..? - SuperWerer - 10-06-2018

Welcome back! Even though I liked arkun pls, the new name doesn't sound too bad!

Re: And I'm Back..? - TheFrostySoul - 10-06-2018

Oh Arkun, I thought you were some random person with chapter member. Welcome back!