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Hell - cheesydprod - 07-02-2018

‘Hell’ is a short, dark, and unforgiving Platformer, where you have just attempted to kill yourself, and now it’s time to escape hell as quickly as possible! Or die trying!

Hope you enjoy! Smile

Kongregate Link: <URL url=""></URL>

Newgrounds Link: <URL url=""></URL>

Re: Hell - mindfog_games - 07-02-2018

Pls fix the Newgrounds link.

Re: Hell - ForwardGame - 07-03-2018

Great game! Good luck!

Re: Hell - cheesydprod - 07-05-2018

Thanks! Newgrounds link is fixed now. Smile

Re: Hell - HarmlessRaccoon - 07-08-2018

Great game! I really like the gameplay, it's really unforgiving, and on a good way! Maybe it's too short, but at least it's way better than my submission, haha!

I want to likethis post but i can't find the heart :c.

Best of lucks,

Re: Hell - SImplePG - 07-13-2018

Do not touch the grass (spikes) it's deadly! Smile