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Forward - ForwardGame - 07-03-2018

Wanna challenge? This easy to learn and hard to master arcade action game will push you to your limits and beyond. You need all your guts to make this cube move Forward!

Link: <URL url=""></URL>

Re: Forward - Byvsen - 07-05-2018

This game really challenges my brain, and I like it! You've done a good job! Big Grin

Re: Forward - AdrianWennberg - 07-09-2018

I really like the concept, and the game is a great and innovative puzzle. Well done!

Re: Forward - Matthiou - 07-10-2018

nice, just too big for see all the level at one time Cry
( helpful, to have the color alway on screen ?
for the num 1-9 like this <IMG src="">[img]<URL url=""><LINK_TEXT text=" ... s-l300.jpg"></LINK_TEXT></URL>[/img]</IMG>

Re: Forward - Byvsen - 07-18-2018

Congratulations for getting first place in the competition! Big Grin

Re: Forward - stuartb - 07-22-2018

Cool concept! I like games like this.