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[HTML5] Snake: The Adventure - Release - DoyLExMcopoyLE - 05-19-2018

Kinda like snake, but adventure mode

<URL url=""><LINK_TEXT text=" ... -adventure"></LINK_TEXT></URL>

Re: [HTML5] Snake: The Adventure - Release - SuperWerer - 05-19-2018

Hey that's a nice twist to the classic snake game!

I tried it out (the game is surprisingly difficult), but up to the point where I got there were no checkpoints. I don't know how long the level is, but if you are planning on expanding it maybe consider adding checkpoints.

EDIT: Okay so each time you go into this teleport thingy and you enter a new level THERE IS a checkpoint. I played it some more times and you eventually get better with timing and stuff

Honestly it was quite good, you may want to work on the graphics a little bit but other than that, it's a good game to kill some time Smile

Re: [HTML5] Snake: The Adventure - Release - DoyLExMcopoyLE - 05-19-2018

Thanks for checking it out. Yea its not perfect, but a fun little game i put together quickly.