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Kitty's Whisker - icantpronouncethis - icantpronouncethis - 04-22-2019

Got another one out for all of my favorite people.
Slowly starting to figure out how I'm gonna shape these videos.
I might've been over ambitious with the animation and editing with this one. But lesson learned I say.

Check out the video here:

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Youtube (Gaming):

RE: Kitty's Whisker - icantpronouncethis - ArmandTG - 04-30-2019

Nice! I like it

RE: Kitty's Whisker - icantpronouncethis - mlgb - 04-30-2019

That's not only super creative, but sounds great also.

Great job!

RE: Kitty's Whisker - icantpronouncethis - icantpronouncethis - 05-01-2019

(04-30-2019, 12:10 PM)ArmandTG Wrote: Nice! I like it

Thanks Every two weeks I'm posting a new one. Challenging and fun at the same time.

(04-30-2019, 08:04 PM)mlgb Wrote: That's not only super creative, but sounds great also.

Great job!

Thank you. It's quite  a hurdle cleaning and finding what can be used. Plus sometimes editing the video and adding animation can be tough. I have a new one ready to posted next week. I hope you like that one too.