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The Guide for the new Portal Dev! - SuperWerer - 06-08-2019

Hey there new Portal developers! Welcome to our indie games portal!

First of all, we're more than happy to have you in our small developers' community! The Portal is a place on which you can publish your projects - as many as you want - and while you keep on developing and doing what you love, we will do our best to promote the submitted games!

There's a FAQ page about the Portal here, covering topics such as how promotion works and how you receive your revenue:

If you have any questions about how the Portal works, you can ask here as a reply or in the thread mentioned above! Alternatively, you can send me a private message!

Also we are currently developing, the SW for Developers application, which will provide a modern and robust overview panel for all game developers, to see the number of views your individual games have, how much revenue they have generated, your revenue share and provide an overview of important links such as the FAQ. The new application will be available on this website and you will be able to login with your forum username and password. 

A standalone version to download or a mobile version to download from Google Play may also be available later on.