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The new Portal layout is live! - SuperWerer - 07-28-2019

Hey all and here's yet another update - this time regarding the whole Portal!

Avarise and I have been working a lot the last week on the  Portal, in our mission to create a completely new layout for it, independent from the forums and the results can now be seen live!

The new Portal main page can be found here:

What's new?

- New layout, mostly responsive
- A search function on the top right corner, will match your search query with games' titles and descriptions and display the results
- A "Browse Games" button, that will redirect you to a page with all the available games on the Portal
- You can return to the main page by clicking on the SW image or text on the upper left corner
- If you're a dev and want to publish a game, you can click on the "Submit Game" button and you will be redirected to SW for Devs (which we also updated, with the newest version of v1.2!)
- You can find updated information on Copyright by clicking on "Copyright" in the footer.

Feedback, bug reports and comments in general are welcome!