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1 year here! - DragonicKells - 01-09-2020

Hello everyone I'm Dragonic'Kell's, the SW's lead mod. Today is a very important day for me: my 1st year here! A lot of things had come since I'm here. For example, my promotion at lead mod. I've never expected that. I've comming here only for promote music. But I've found something else: friends! Let me said you what happened during this fabulous year, let me said you the mosts important dates for me on the forum.

9th january 2019: I join the forum after having talk with Super on NewGrounds. I've thinked, when I've created my account, a little forum is good for promote music. We were less than 1000 members.
24th january 2019: I found the Discord server on the forum. It's the beginning of my adventure here. I meet friends, helpers, and an active community. 
21th february 2019: I won the Master Discord badge, and on the same time, I begun a chapter member.
16th march 2019: I begun a trial mod. I was thinked it was a mistake when I've seen on Discord my green name turned to dark green. But I've ask for begun a mod.
19th march: 1st chapter of AHA (A Hacking Apocalypse). I've never expected that too much people loved it.
1st april 2019: I am begun a full mod. I was thinked it was an april fool, but it wasn't.
29th april 2019: Worse birthday ever. I don't wanna say what happen, but some people remember. I've left the moderation the 30th.
17th july: after rehave a lot of activity like before, I come back as mod. I was very happy, even more than I begun mod for the 1st time.
18 december: I'm promotted to lead mod. It's incredible. I am always thinked it's not possible.

However, Thanks for this fabulous year! If it do be remake it, I will remade it!

RE: 1 year here! - Gravaged - 01-14-2020

Congrats Kelly! We're all glad you're here Smile