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Music Portal Roadmap - SuperWerer - 02-13-2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to the music portal's ultra-roadmap-megathread.

In this thread I'll be listing all the planned features/features currently under development, the planned releases and bugs we're currently working on fixing.


vX.6 <- Planned for version X.Y, delay unlikely
~vX.Y <- Planned for version X.Y but could be delayed

Planned updates / updates under development

-- Profiles -- 

- Customization: The ability to upload profile avatars, a profile banner, as well as general layout improvements. (~v1.3 / v1.4)

-- Blogs -- 

- Ability for users to maintain their personal blogs, create blog posts, as well as being able to comment or upvote other users' blog posts. ( ~v1.4)

-- Tracks --

- Ability for creators to enter an "edit mode" on their tracks' pages, that will will allow them to edit their track's information, add an album/EP name. (v1.2.1)
- Ability to group tracks in albums/EPs (v1.2.1)
- Upvote/Downvote comments on track pages (v1.4)
- Ability for a "creator reply" to comments on a track's page (v1.4)
- Integrated tool for artists to delete their tracks on the music portal, instead of having to contact an administrator to do so (v1.3)
- Favourite tracks: Ability for users to add a track to their "favorites", as well as a favorites counter on the track's page (v1.4)

-- Communication --

- Public chat-rooms, as well as private chats between individual users (v1.3)
- Ability to create private chat-rooms (~v1.3 / v1.4)

-- Moderation --

- Integrated mod tools to hide tracks, hide comments and ban users on the music portal (v1.4)

- Ticket System --

- A ticket page, where users can ask questions, report bugs and give feedback (v1.2.1)

Known Bugs

- Description of a track being appearing "cut" on the right side when browsing the search page on mobile
- Files not accepted by the upload track form when using drag & drog instead of selecting them on the browser window
- Follow button appears on own profile on page load

Planned Releases

- v1.2.1 (End-February / Early-March)
- v1.3 (Mid-March)
- v1.4 (Mid-April)