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Bosnia Groove - SCSoundz - 07-11-2018

This is an unfinished jazzy track I've been working on the past few weeks now. Not really mixed yet. Just looking for some feedback really.

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Re: Bosnia Groove - DonJorge - 07-11-2018

Really nice music and the background picture is really fitting haha

Re: Bosnia Groove - Jonathaj - 07-14-2018

Amazing! I really like the overall groove you're communicating here Smile

A little thing I noticed is that the percussion that is intruduced at 0:17 (the shaker)
is way too loud/dominant, so the other instruments doesn't get to shine as much
as they should. Also, the end sounds very "cut off", and I think a large reason for that
is actually the bass drum beat that is the very last hit. I think leaving it at the snare
hit would sound a bit more final.

Other than my nitpicks on the beat/percussion, I think the track is great! Big Grin

Re: Bosnia Groove - SCSoundz - 07-15-2018

Thanks for the feedback guys. I really appreciate it. Ill make some edits and post an update at some point. Still need to mix this thing lol :lol:

Re: Bosnia Groove - NillsimeN - 07-16-2018

The instrumental itself is very nice, but as the user above pointed, the shaker is louder than necessary, and the beat itself doesn't really stand enough (for my taste). I really like the improvisation on this, it's really my style. I hope you make it to the end with this track!