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[Block Breaker Game] Patanoid - Reiki - 06-06-2018

Hi guys, this is my first topic here, i'm Reiki (provisional name) lol
This is the first game I made so don't be too bad with me. I'm working on a Space Shooter now that is really better than these, when it'll be finished i'll post it here of course!

Patanoid link is here:

<URL url=""></URL>

Tell me what you think about it Wink

Re: [Block Breaker Game] Patanoid - SuperWerer - 06-06-2018

Awesome! I am generally a fan of these games but the awesome graphics (backgrounds and bricks) give another special touch to this!

Re: [Block Breaker Game] Patanoid - Reiki - 06-07-2018

Thank you very much! I'm working on a Space Shooter now, are you fan of it too?

Re: [Block Breaker Game] Patanoid - SuperWerer - 06-07-2018

Yeah! I personally like a lot of arcade retro games and I believe a lot of browser gamers nowadays do. At least those that played them 15 years ago Tongue

What's even more amazing is when such newer implementations of older ideas have a special touch to them, something that separates them from the others, this could be another general setting, different attack skills, etc.