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Sadmusic. - theo5970 - 07-20-2018

Hello! I'm new member of this forum.

In this post, I'll introduce my new music "Sadness".
It's just an music. I'm not confident enough to this. :|

Here's a link: <URL url=""></URL>

Enjoy listening!

Re: Sadmusic. - DonJorge - 07-20-2018

It sounds really good <EMOJI seq="1f60d">?</EMOJI> I love the flute

Re: Sadmusic. - Gravaged - 07-20-2018

Hi Theo, welcome. Your English appears to be not the best, so I'm not sure about everything you said. That doesn't matter though, I can still tell you what I think.
The piano sound is really really rich, and sets a great tone. There is a very natural feeling reverb to it. Did you record this live or was it in a DAW?// was it a synth? Similarly the flute sound is VERY organic, is it real?
I like the initial melody and chord choices, it's very melancholic. At 0:38 that major chord comes in giving hope, followed by a mysterious ambiguous chord.
At this point, a rather thin sounding acoustic guitar strums a chord on the first beat for a few measures and there is a lead flute melody. It sounds good, no complaints. There are lots of glimmers of hope in the music.
1:26 there's a bizarre transition, as a weird wobbly synth is introduced and then the volume ramps back up.
2:05, these strings come in and they sound really depressing, and then grand. It reminds me of Anton LaVey's version of Gloomy Sunday. What chords are they playing if you don't mind me asking? I love the voicings and this is my favourite part of the tune.
Thanks for sharing, I don't really have any advice for you. I'm not familiar enough with compositions like these, and also it was just seemingly flawless for what you wanted.

Re: Sadmusic. - theo5970 - 07-20-2018

Hi. English isn't my native language. so, please understand my english skills.

First, I bought expensive piano virtual instrument. and, I'm using Studio One for composing.
Thanks to your detailed review, I can reassess my music more.

Finally, this kind of music is rare, but I like to compose this kind of music.

Re: Sadmusic. - Gravaged - 07-20-2018

Oh my God, I've never heard of Studio One. I make music too, and I use FL Studio. But after seeing the features of Studio One (Especially the harmonic editor, chord substitutions and chord detector) I'm floored! Maybe I'll try it out. What is the virtual instrument you bought called? It sounds soooo rich and deep.
I think your music would be most fitting for a score of some sort, more than likely a video game. I'm sure some people would like just hearing it as is though!

Re: Sadmusic. - Jonathaj - 07-20-2018

Wow, what a fantastic piece of music!
I took a few notes during while listening, and I would like to share them with you, keep in mind that these are my opinions on what I would do different if I was to make this track, I'm not saying that it would necessary be better.

  • <LI>First of all, the crashing sound at 1:25 was very loud and almost a little painful for the ears, I see what you were going for, but the sample should be changed and the volume should be reduced.</LI>

  • <LI>Secondly, I think the strings at the end felt like a whole new section of the song, but they only lasted for a little while and then it all ended. I think it could be fitting to rather use strings more earlier in the track, to build a subtle background soundscape to back the piano and flute.</LI>

  • <LI>My third and final point is regarding the title, because I disagree, it doesn't feel sad to me, but more calming and peaceful. I assume "sad music" is not the actual title, but it's interesting how different people see different emotions in music Smile</LI>

But these are details, I have to say again that I enjoyed this track very much, and I am looking forward to your next one! (you should create a soundcloud profile, by the way)

EDIT: Also, I would say this goes under orchestral music, so if you say so, I can move it there for you.