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Revolution - SylvanShackleton - 07-23-2018

This is an interesting one. It starts out kind of jiggish and flow into some orchtral goodness halfway through.

<URL url=""></URL>

<URL url=""></URL>

Re: Revolution - Jonathaj - 07-23-2018

Wow! Really cool track, I had a very good time listening to it. Big Grin

Btw, I see you have a soundcloud too, and I suggest you post links there from now on, because the player there is better.

Re: Revolution - SylvanShackleton - 07-24-2018

Ok Thanks man i will

Re: Revolution - Gravaged - 07-24-2018

Is there any way you can upload this to Soundcloud or Youtube? Newgrounds audio doesn't ever load for me and I'd like to check this out.
Edit: I didn't see Jon's suggestion and then your reply, my bad.
But now you know there's important demand haha

Re: Revolution - SylvanShackleton - 07-24-2018

i put a soundcloud link in