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"My" first music :D - Su_Songs - 07-25-2018

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Re: "My" first music :D - DonJorge - 07-25-2018

Why is the my in this things "my"? Hehe

Re: "My" first music :D - Jonathaj - 07-25-2018

Hey and welcome!

What a lovely song! It put me in a very, very good mood Smile
So this is a cover, is that right?

Also, there seems to be an issue with the audio at 00:43

Re: "My" first music :D - ablueboy - 07-26-2018

nice track , did you produce it + sing? For what it is its really good, i dont normally listen to this sort of genre so it is a nice change. The vocals seems to clip when they reach high frequencies , but this could just be the mic you were using?

Re: "My" first music :D - Crizdav - 07-26-2018

This is charming as heck. Very chill and had me smiling at 8am. This might be black magic Confusedhock:

Audio ducking aside, it sounds great. Very well done :mrgreen: