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[HTML5] Cube-y Worlds - SuperWerer - 05-12-2018

Hey all,

this is a game I've developed back in October. It's called Cube-y Worlds and it is programmed in HTML5. It is a small game in which you control a square and move around and your objective is to get past the obstacles (different shapes like triangles, circles etc.). There are 5 different difficulty levels and an infinity mode in which you can try to beat the high score.

Here are the links to the game:

- Kongregate: <URL url=""><LINK_TEXT text=" ... e-y-worlds"></LINK_TEXT></URL>

- Newgrounds: <URL url=""></URL>

Re: [HTML5] Cube-y Worlds - cheesydprod - 05-16-2018

Good job!

Simple geometry type game, but gets addicting as you try to beat your high-score on infinity mode. Big Grin

Re: [HTML5] Cube-y Worlds - SuperWerer - 05-16-2018

Hey thanks! Yeah the adventure mode didn't have many levels so I thought infinity mode would be cool Big Grin