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Spectacle of the Wheel - Packtion - 08-08-2018

Thinking about making this the opening track to an album I'm working on. What do you guys think?

<SOUNDCLOUD content="">[soundcloud]<LINK_TEXT text=" ... rt-version"></LINK_TEXT>[/soundcloud]</SOUNDCLOUD>

Re: Spectacle of the Wheel - Death Gun - 08-08-2018

That's really weird but I love this, really, that's doooope <EMOJI seq="1f525">:fire:</EMOJI>

Re: Spectacle of the Wheel - TheRightJelly - 08-08-2018

This gives me chills! The sounds are great and that backwards effect is deep! Also, the art you have, all black and white, is dope. Welcome to SuperWerer <EMOJI seq="1f525">:fire:</EMOJI>

Re: Spectacle of the Wheel - Slythpaw - 08-11-2018

Well. I got to say. I love the way this sounds. Its distorted sound plus that background voice. It is definatly unique, but i like it. It almost sounds like im listening to somthing backwords.
Like the track! Good stuff! Big Grin