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[flash] Idle Startup - Idle game
Hello everyone, this is my new Idle, I put a lot of effort in it mostly in its graphics.

I hope you'll enjoy the game and I would love to hear every feedback you have.

Link: <URL url="https://www.kongregate.com/games/AlonSardas/idle-startup">[url]<LINK_TEXT text="https://www.kongregate.com/games/AlonSa ... le-startup">https://www.kongregate.com/games/AlonSardas/idle-startup</LINK_TEXT>[/url]</URL>


Start your own company! hire employees, invent and build new products and then sell them for a lot of money! You can even study many things to increase your income!
Hi Alon, welcome.
First things first, I think the opening dialogue is poor and oddly redundant. "Hey there! So I understand that you want to start your own company." "A startup company?? Good luck with that..." Why would the speaker say or sound surprised when he or she just acknowledged that the player is starting up a company?

"I'll might even give you some more later if it is good enough." Just errors in grammar here.

I feel bad mentioning this, as it has nothing to do with gameplay -- but presentation is important.

-All of the buttons and text look drab and cheap.
-Spelling error in the 'invent' text box. ("...than sell it for money" It should be spelled "then". I don't care too much about stuff like that but I'm trying to be helpful, when you go to revise your game this is something you can correct along with whatever else!)
-I thought the double edged pencil bit was humourous. Grammar error though "....every company <I>got</I> to start somewhere" (I'm gonna guess English isn't your native language, and I hope that doesn't sound condescending. It should be "every company HAS got to start somewhere", or "every company has to start somewhere".
another error in the same text box is "Here some more money". It should be "Here's" or "Here is". "........and design it look." Should be "........and design itS look."

I don't want to correct anymore grammar or spelling related things, I think you should just proofread everything you have written. From this point on I will not mention those here, just know that in general the grammar and spelling needs revision.

Out of curiousity, why does the first hire sell things for 80% of their value? It isn't a problem, but I don't understand it.

-While you, the CEO, are working or studying you can still continuously hit the sell button. While it's satisfying I feel like there will never be a risk for me to go bankrupt, and also I can click it extremely fast and just make tons of money. I think there should be maybe a one or two second refraction period where you can't click. The employees take a few seconds to make a sale, and they also can't simultaneously sell and study -- I think that's how it should be for the CEO as well.

-Are the study buttons unlimited? Like is there a max stat for economics or something? How about the upgrades? I think there should be max stats that you get to, even if they're really really high, and some sort of indication of how far you are. It could be an additional bar like the time ones, or just simply a number "04/100" or something.

I have a question about the "upgrade tab". Both persistence and discipline mention your workers doing better when you're "offline". Could you explain that?

-In general I think the graphics are quite bland, standard, and boring.
-Under how much money you have, it shows the number of what you're paying your team I think. Right now it says "125/S" does that mean 125 dollars a second? I think the minute salary should be listed instead. Also the 125/S really doesn't indicate anything. S is clearly second, but you should have a dollar sign next to 125. $125.
-I wish I could see the salary of the staff after they join my team. It's not that important but I got curious after seeing how much the next one was.

I've probably been playing for 20 minutes now while also writing this feedback, I've got three staff members and I'm working on the invention after the hoverboard. I pay about $3,500 a minute to the team, but they're making me over $10,000 a minute alone. Remember, I can still click sell if I'm occupied with inventing or something. There's no way for me to lose, my only interest would be to see what other inventions there are. I have no need to improve from here, therefore the game loses its fun.
(<U>QUICK NOTE:</U> I have been writing this whole thing while playing, sorry if the structure is incoherent. Anyway, right under the amount of money you have -- the number that I thought represented how much you were paying the staff by the second, I have now realized is how much you're making or losing in a second. There should still be a dollar sign though.)

The flying car has been invented and I will now stop playing. It was a little bit of fun, but compared next to like any sort of tycoon-esque simulator I thought it was rather lackluster. Thank you for sharing, though! I hope some of this is able to help.
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