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Anyone want to sing for my song?
<QUOTE author="DonJorge" post_id="13672" time="1544471766" user_id="230">
DonJorge post_id=13672 time=1544471766 user_id=230 Wrote:<QUOTE author="TheRightJelly" post_id="13636" time="1544396117" user_id="317">
TheRightJelly post_id=13636 time=1544396117 user_id=317 Wrote:Never mind, already sang it!

Haha listend to it Smile please don't be offended, but are you male or female? I'm not sure if you're a younger boy (like 14/15 years) or a female. Again please don't be offended I'm just not sure

Lmao i'm a guy. My voice sounds a lot higher when I record it in to a computer.
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