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Werer 2.0 is now live!
Hey everyone! Today I am very happy to be able to to introduce you all to this new look of the forums - and of course the new update in general!

What is new?

As some already mentioned in the announcement thread there are multiple things added/fixed:

- A new layout
- Updated the profile pages (Some loading problems are now fixed)
- New Community Label artist badges (4 different levels for joining, 100 views, 500 views and 1k views)
- New badges for points spent in the points shop (1K and 3K) and for game developers of our new Games Portal
- New shop item: Your very own sub-forum under the blogs category for 10K points
- Quick reply for topics (scroll down to see)
- Updated the donation page, added progress bars, looks more fancy

Plus: New playlists/artist mixes for the Community Label artists!

Now some things that are NOT ready and will be added soon: The art gallery, the ads on the music portal (this was supposed to be already here, but must be delayed) and the Community Label live radio!

Furthermore we are now ready to begin accepting game submissions (more on that on a new thread soon) to test out our Games Portal and publishing will soon be possible too!

Other than that make sure to login daily until January 1st to get a daily login bonus of 100 points!

If you find any bugs, make sure to report them to me or another staff member!
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !

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