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Ranks Update!
Hey there everyone, quick update!

For a long time there were different percentages as to how many posts users must have to get the chapter (Which is needed to become beta tester/staff member). However, users who were very successful on the Community Label, or very active on Discord, or potential active streamers on SW Live - they all couldn't get chapter unless they had enough forum posts. Today we are introducing an update to fix this and make sure you get the chapter and with it the needed qualification for higher ranks with multiple ways.

Starting today, to get the chapter you need to have at least one prestige badge (The purple ones). Here is a list of them:

1000 Posts - You need a thousand posts (Forum activity)
Discord Master - Reach Lvl 12 on Discord (Discord activity)
Community Label Artist Lvl 4 - Reach 1000 views in the Community Label (Community Label)
10000 Points - Spend 1000 points in the shop (Shop activity)
[NEW] Streamer Lvl 4 - Reach 300 views in your SW Live streams (Streaming activity)

The Streamer badges are also introduced with this update, as you can tell Smile

I hope this will give the opportunity to many users to finally rank up, not only for those who are active on the forums, but across all of our projects. Thanks to everyone for their contributions!
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !

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