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[Unity WebGL] hiBOTCHi prototype - Fast-paced Tetris-inspired cooking with cards
Happy 2020!

I updated the method of creating and loading levels in order to minimize lines of code and maximize performance efficiency.

Rather than having each level be a separate scene, I made one “Scriptable Scene” and pass all level data through to it via a DontDestroyOnLoad script that carries a Level ScriptableObject with all of the data it needs to begin a new level.

It's probably not noticeable, but I feel better about the size and scope of this project now.

Full Changelog For 01-06-2020:
Added "Double Next Effect" card.
• It, as you can imagine, doubles the effect of the next card you play.
Added eighth level.
Added the option to randomly generate a level.
Updated method of saving and loading level data. (This is invisible to the user, but I hope it'll decrease the game's file size and improve its efficiency and speed.)
Updated icon for mobile users.
Updated background to wooden floor texture.
Fixed bug that wouldn't load some cards or hazard images.
Various other small quality improvements across the board.

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