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Music Portal Language Translations
Hi all! In our attempt to make the music portal more accessible for everyone, we're here to ask your help to provide us with accurate translations of our portal's written content, in order to be able to serve the website in more languages.

Languages currently available:
French (to be added)
Norwegian (to be added)
German (to be added)

If you would like to provide a translation, translate the texts and post them in a reply to this thread below.

A1. "About the Portal"
A2. "Privacy Policy"
A3. "Copyright"
A4. "Terms of Use"
A5. "For creators"
A6. "Submit your track"
A7. "Share your track"
A8. "Roadmap"
A9. "Developer Log"

B1. "Search"
B2. "Profile"
B3. "Login"
B4. "Logout"
B5. "Upload"

C1. "User Profile"
C2. "Tracks by"
C3. "No tracks found"
C4. "Creator's Dashboard"
C5. "User Settings"
C6. "Username"
C7. "Profile status"
C8. "E-mail address"
C9. "Track statistics"
C10. "No stats to show"
C11. "Administrator panel"
C12. "Moderator panel"
C13. "Update settings"

D1. "Track file"
D2. "Image (Optional)"
D3. "Supported extensions"
D4. "Max size"
D5. "Track name"
D6. "Artist"
D7. "Genre"
D8. "Description"
D9. "Name your track"
D10. "Describe your track"
D11. "By uploading, I accept the terms of use and ensure that this is my original work."
D12. "Submit"

Track page
E1. "Average rating"
E2. "No ratings yet"
E3. "Description"
E4. "Leave a comment below"
E5. "Username"
E6. "Track"
E7. "Comment"
E8. "No comments found"
E9. "Leave a comment here"
E10. "Post comment"
E11. "Loading visuals...(you can still play the track)"

F1. "Log-in"
F2. "Username"
F3. "Password"
F4. "Forgot password?"
F5. "Don't have a forums account yet? Register here!"
F6. "Submit"

G1. "Upload a track"
G2. "Browse tracks"
Questions, feedback or just want to contact me?

Send me a PM or an e-mail at contact@superwerer.com !

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