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Wow, what a fantastic piece of music!
I took a few notes during while listening, and I would like to share them with you, keep in mind that these are my opinions on what I would do different if I was to make this track, I'm not saying that it would necessary be better.

  • <LI>First of all, the crashing sound at 1:25 was very loud and almost a little painful for the ears, I see what you were going for, but the sample should be changed and the volume should be reduced.</LI>

  • <LI>Secondly, I think the strings at the end felt like a whole new section of the song, but they only lasted for a little while and then it all ended. I think it could be fitting to rather use strings more earlier in the track, to build a subtle background soundscape to back the piano and flute.</LI>

  • <LI>My third and final point is regarding the title, because I disagree, it doesn't feel sad to me, but more calming and peaceful. I assume "sad music" is not the actual title, but it's interesting how different people see different emotions in music Smile</LI>

But these are details, I have to say again that I enjoyed this track very much, and I am looking forward to your next one! (you should create a soundcloud profile, by the way)

EDIT: Also, I would say this goes under orchestral music, so if you say so, I can move it there for you.
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