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[HTML5] Space Math - Release!
<QUOTE author="GMcLean" post_id="434" time="1529519106" user_id="228">
GMcLean post_id=434 time=1529519106 user_id=228 Wrote:Awh Thanks SuperWerer! Regarding your feedback I think it's on the the next game for me, but if anyone wants to put up a pull request to add some additional features they're definitely welcomed to:

<URL url="https://github.com/GregDevProjects/mathGame">https://github.com/GregDevProjects/mathGame</URL>

I have tested your game ( android ) for a few days now. The game is really fun , the only thing I would suggest that you change is that the space shit moves instant like my fingers and not with a delay, because sometimes I get the answer last second and put my finger there but the spaceship is still behind haha<EMOJI seq="1f605">?</EMOJI>
Seem like the life I need's a little distant

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