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[Flash-Scratch] Beat-em-up inspired game (Demo)

I usually make video games on scratch and export them to SWF/EXE.
I'm currently working on a game inspired by beat-em-ups and an MMORPG named "Grand Chase".
You can download it via this mega link: <URL url="https://mega.nz/#!qPRVkAYL!_1OZjiUcvEvOKuU8lpZ750kF1JiTJTYIjCYiyxjjEVM"><LINK_TEXT text="https://mega.nz/#!qPRVkAYL!_1OZjiUcvEvO ... CYiyxjjEVM">https://mega.nz/#!qPRVkAYL!_1OZjiUcvEvOKuU8lpZ750kF1JiTJTYIjCYiyxjjEVM</LINK_TEXT></URL>
The game is still a demo so I'll be open to any criticism to change for the final release (Except probably the art considering that's already all been drawn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

EDIT: I should mention that you can pause with the button "P" - this will really help with understanding the rest of the controls.

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