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[Flash-Scratch] Beat-em-up inspired game (Demo)
Hey Ken, I spoke to you earlier on Discord a lot about this game. There are some things I will definitely be reiterating, and then you can have these thoughts in text and I'll try and add further insight since it's not on the spot.

In the sound design, I would like to hear some more variation in the sound effects. I really enjoy the music, but I keep hearing the same punch sound and even worse I keep hearing the enemy damage sound. In the first stage for example, as you know it's a legit horde of zombies and I just hear "uhuhuh uh uh " or whatever sound they make. You can hit a lot of enemies at once and the repetitive sound is a bit obnoxious. Also I had mentioned that visually it's pretty overwhelming with the amount of enemies that are on you all at once. Even when knowing some of their attack patterns, because their timing is different and the number of them it's easy to get bogged down.

I really enjoy the "ASD" attacks, skills I believe they're called. I know which one is most appropriate for a situation, and it's rewarding to see it really help out whether it insta kills enemies or takes a big chunk of a boss's health. When I lose a level, I'm often motivated to complete it because I get like so close to beating it and I really want that satisfaction. That's a great quality.

I mentioned that I don't like the "Jump" prompt in boss battles. I'm really having fun with the combos of things I buy with skill points. There's a minor graphical glitch where the boss of Deserted Base stays in frame after death but it's clearly not supposed to, and same with Eternal Night, and I guess the intro stage too.

The more I play, the better I get of course. I'm very used to the controls and I'm having a lot of fun maneuvering with dash, and I have the dash attack which is really helpful in combination with fire.
I'm really writing this as I go, while I have another run through of the game.

I will now try Champion Mode, after beating the rest in regular.
It's definitely a lot harder, very fun challenge. I however don't think it holds up very well after losing the regular stages so many times and having to replay them. Additional levels would be nice and with something more than simply wave after wave, but I'm not sure what. It would be cool if beating all the levels did unlock a final hard level with a grandiose boss. I know you prefer non linear but I think that wouldn't be too invasive for your style. Or maybe complete everything on regular and then champion and THEN the final level, but I think that's a bit much. I really enjoy the skills and the things you can buy with skill points, it's a lot of fun messing around with them.
Other than all of this, just take whatever else I said earlier. Hope it was helpful!
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