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[Flash-Scratch] Beat-em-up inspired game (Demo)
Hey Ken! I saw on the discord that you released a new version, so I'd like to give you updated thoughts. It might be a little scattered because I will give feedback as I play as opposed to afterwards while thinking of a cohesive analysis. Firstly, both the tutorial option as well as the revealing of what button pauses are great. Nice addition. There seems to be some great new additions to the store, and I'm excited to try them out.
I like the new stage, I think you were right in more stages being fine because it's worth it to see the new enemies and boss. I want to say I quickly felt OP, but then again I am on easy mode. I had bought shield, turret, fire, the fire explosion thing, and dash attack and I feel pretty untouchable.
After this comment I switched to hard mode and died a couple times, it was definitely more challenging. Enemies have more health and do more damage. Nice improvements Ken, you're on the right track!
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