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Experimental stuff
<SOUNDCLOUD content="https://soundcloud.com/user-264688000/essential">[soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/user-264688000/essential[/soundcloud]</SOUNDCLOUD>

songs kinda cool.
give feedback
Hey man, I saw you on the discord and told you to post here. Haha, well I'm now getting around to it.

I love noise feedback, it sounds like there's some sort of swelling or digital slowing of the guitar? I'm not sure if you're playing notes AND controlling the feedback or just the latter, but anyhow it sounds like a feedback based melody and that's pretty cool. I know with things like experimental music it's kind of ignorant to say "this ____________, you should __________", but I think I'd enjoy if the intro was slightly shortened. And I mean the very beginning, before the drums kick in. Which btw, I like -- it's an interesting groove having the consistencies of drum and bass underneath that wild untamed guitar.

1:53 -- next section
I like the bass note changing over the other notes you're playing and how dissonant it gets near the end of the riff. Your guitar tone is filthy btw, I feel like I'm in a basement. Oddly dark, I don't think I've had a <I>guitar tone</I> make me feel that way.

2:12 --
The drums surprised me, I did not expect a metal rhythm in this track, or anything metal really. I feel like the pick scrape is really out of place, honestly. I'm not sure what else you could do instead, I would just remove it or tremolo pick aggressively down the neck. These two note harmonies in the riffs really remind me of some of the more melodic black metal, are you a fan? Music normally says something to me, but I don't feel any particular thing from the sounds here, although I like them.

2:56 --
This slide felt more appropriate to me. I'm not really fond of the direction the song takes here. Most of the tremolo picking is pretty tight here, but there are a couple sloppy parts. Yeah this part doesn't do anything for me, I do like the fadeout/closing of the song though.

Thanks for sharing!
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